How to get the hidden Luxury Chest in Dahri Valley with the Ruins Golem in Genshin Impact

Collecting treasure chests has always been one of the motives that make players Genshin Impact scour every hairpin of Teyvat. In Update 3.1, the Sumeru Desert was released with many new unopened chests for Travelers.

In Dahri Valley, a hidden path leads to an electro monument puzzle and rewards gamers with a deluxe chest. This article will help players access the specified route and complete the puzzle to receive the prize.

Genshin Impact: How to unlock the hidden route in Dahri Valley

Genshin Impact players can start by looking for the Academy Scientist east of the Statue of Seven in Dahri Valley. Travelers can start the quest “Afratu’s dilemma” when approaching the location indicated in the image above. Follow the quest navigation until you find the path into a robot and further into the cave.

smash three stream courts in the Golem Ruin to complete the quest and gain access to the golem’s control room. By taking control of the Beam Cannon, Genshin Impact players can aim it at various glowing spots and pulverize the rock. The most important target is in the image above. Hitting them will open the way to a secret tunnel.

How to complete the Electro Totem Puzzle and get the Luxury Chest

Now that the route has been discovered, Genshin Impact players can enter the area until they reach the locked deluxe chest. The puzzle here is to ignite the four Electro Totems by completing time trials.

Travelers can start with a challenge on the right side of the cave, where they need to collect 22 Dendro Particles within 100 seconds. Once the Time Trial is completed, the Electro Monument will be unlocked and players will be able to ignite it with any Electro Attack.

The time trial in the middle of the cave is to defeat all spawned enemies within 75 seconds. The only opponents are Mushrooms, so players won’t have too many problems completing it. Light up the electric after completing the indicated task.

The last time trial on the left is for Genshin Impact players to detonate five exploding barrels within 30 seconds. A character with a bow is recommended for this task, as they can aim and shoot from a distance, which a melee character cannot quickly do, in addition to barrels spawned far apart.

Once all three previous electro totems have been activated, the fourth totem next to the Luxury Chest will be automatically unlocked and players can attack it with Electro to activate and print the Luxury Chest.

By solving a simple puzzle, players can receive 10 Primogems and various other rewards from a deluxe chest in Genshin Impact.

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