How to get to Sumeru in Genshin Impact


How to get into Sumeru is a question Genshin Impact players have been wondering about, and we have the answer! Below we talk about the only way to the lands of the archon dendro.

Sumeru is a vast region added in update 3.0 Genshin Impact. In order to start your explorations of the ancient land, which is under the control of the elemental dendro, you need to somehow get there. To date, there is only one way to get to Sumeru, and we are happy to share it with you.


Requirements to access Sumeru Genshin Impact

As always, there are a number of requirements that must be met in order to enter a new region or a specific area of ​​the Genshin Impact world map. For Sumeru, the game developers have set the following minimums:

  1. Reach Adventure Rank 35 or higher.
  2. Complete the Archon quest Requiem of Echoing Depths.

Once you meet these requirements, you will have access to the quest Through smoke and dark woodswhich, according to the plot, will lead players to a new region.

How to get to Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Based on information obtained from trusted sources, the entrance to Sumeru is located in the Breach in the area Cinnabar Rock. Previously, Paimon did not let go further, but now she does not prevent the entrance to the secret passage.

Below is the route you need to follow to get to Sumeru:

Path to Twilight through the Rift

At Cinnabar Rock there is a tunnel that can be accessed from the statue of Seven located in the Rift. Head to the statue and walk up the cliff to face Old Chow’s hut, which will be visible just below.

Slide down, but not to the hut, but slightly to the right to the entrance to abandoned cave. Now heading straight down the linear corridor of the cave straight to the exit of this POI.

The cave ends with an exit to Sumeru, and this is our primary goal, which is dedicated to this guide.

As evidence, here is a video posted by a verified community whistleblower:

Video guide


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