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Plate of red sands. Genshin Impact version 3.2 is a new desert area in the Sumeru region. With such a large area, players will find many new types of puzzles. However, before players can enjoy it, some puzzles are locked behind a gap from a gadget called the Red Sands Slab.

The Red Sand Slab is a unique item that allows you to activate various devices that open access to hidden areas of the Sumeru Desert and solve all kinds of puzzles. Without it, you will not be able to fully explore the ancient ruins, get secret achievements and find many chests with valuable items. In this guide, we will detail where to get the Red Sands Slab in Genshin Impact and how to upgrade it.


1. How to get the Red Sands Slab in Genshin Impact?

A slab of red sands will appear in your inventory during the quest “Lost in the sands“. This task is the beginning of the chain “golden land of dreams“. It can be obtained by all players who have reached Aaru Village in the Sumeru Desert and have spoken to Boniface, the NPC standing under the teleporter in the center of the settlement.

After starting the quest “Lost in the Sands”, go to the scene when Jeht and the Traveler find Benben (a strange mechanical creature similar to the monsters of the Primordial Construct), and then return to tell their companions about him. At this point, during a personal conversation with the main character, the scientist Tirzad will give him the Slab of Red Sands.

Note! Despite the fact that this plate is considered a tool for controlling ancient mechanisms, it ends up in the inventory on the tab with quest items, and not in the “Tools”.

2. General information about the Red Sands Plate

To find out more about the Red Sands Slab, open your inventory, go to the “Quests” tab, click on the item icon in the list and click “View” at the bottom right. In the window that opens, you can see information about which devices can be activated using the slab at the current level of Power (see the corresponding section for details), to see where special places are located in the desert, etc.

Why is the Red Sands Plate needed in Genshin Impact?

What does the Red Sands Plate do:

  • Gives access to the use of various devices in the ancient ruins;
  • Helps to get to the new hidden areas of the Sumeru Desert;
  • Allows you to solve puzzles;
  • Serves as a guide to the hidden areas of the desert (section of the Descent into the Depths tool).

3. How to upgrade the Red Sands Slab – Increasing Power in Genshin Impact

Special Power or simply Power is the power of the Red Sands Plate, which increases as you explore the ancient ruins in the Sumeru Desert and solve certain types of puzzles. Initially, the tool has 0 (zero) Power level. It allows you to interact with basic mechanisms that do not have any symbols on them – the Primordial Barrier, the Plinth of Secret Rites and the Replicator Stones.

By completing the Golden Dreamland/Ancient Language, New Knowledge chain quests and exploring the hidden areas of the desert, you will unlock new symbols, thereby increasing the level of the Special Power of the Red Sands Plate.

Below we will explain how to get all symbols (all levels of Special Power):

  • The first symbol is the 1st level of Power. You will find it during the quest “The Secret of Al-Ahmar” (series “Golden Dreamland”). In order for it to appear on the Red Sands Plate, you need to visit the Temple of Hemenu and solve the Primordial Torches puzzle.
  • The second symbol is the 1st level of Power. He will appear on the Red Sands Plate at the end of the quest The Secret of Al-Ahmar. With this glyph, you will be able to complete the three challenges in the Eye of the Sands and infiltrate Haj Nisut.
  • The third symbol is the 1st level of Power. Can be found while exploring the Hall Duat zone. He will appear on the Red Sands Plate after a conversation with the NPC Soheil (quest “Double proof” from the series “Ancient language, new knowledge”).
  • The fourth symbol is the 2nd level of Power. You can get it during the study of the location of the Place of Rebirth, where the main character gets when completing the quest “Double Proof” from the “Ancient language, new knowledge” series.
  • The fifth symbol is the 3rd level of Power. You can find it in the Breathing Place zone. The task “Double Proof” will also lead to it.
  • The sixth symbol is the 4th level of Power. To get it, get to the Absorption Site. You can get there during the passage of the quest “Double Proof”.

Genshin Impact ‘Looks like there’s not enough power’ error – Solution

If you are experiencing the “Low power seems to be missing” error when using any device in the Sumeru Desert, it means that your Red Sands Slab has not reached the required Special Power level. For example, if you decide to interact with the Cage of Truth while having 0-2 Power levels, then nothing will work for you, and a corresponding notification about the lack of Power will appear on the screen. There is only one way to deal with this error – to upgrade the Red Sands Plate to the required level.

4. All mechanisms that can be activated using the Red Sands Plate

Below we list all the mechanisms that can be accessed at each of the levels of the Red Sands Plate Authority:

  • Level 0 Power: Plinths of Arcane Rites (no symbols), Replica Stones, Primordial Barriers.
  • Level 1 Power: Cage of Eternal Light, Plinth of Secret Rites (with one symbol).
  • Level 2 Power: Fan device, Plinth of secret rites (with two symbols).
  • 3rd level of Power: Cage of Truth, Plinth of Secret Rites (with three symbols), Cage of Concealment.
  • 4th level of Power: All devices in the desert, including Plinths of secret rites with four symbols.

Important! Symbols found in the Hall of the Duat and Hajj Nisut allow you to open doors in the respective area.

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