How to Photograph Shaggy Pack Yaks, Rishboland Tiger, and Spinokrok in Genshin Impact


Children’s fairy tale Genshin Impact unlocked the final act on August 30th, along with another piece of gameplay with stills as part of the “Animal behavior“. In the third part of “Snapshots”, travelers need to take pictures of the behavior of animals in the Sumeru region.

Three types of animals should have their shots: Shaggy Pack Yak, Richboland Tiger and Spinokrok. Players must patiently wait for the animals to change their behavior in order to get all the necessary images and complete the task.

Genshin Impact: Photograph shaggy pack yaks as they feed, rest and fight back

Genshin Impact players can start the Animal Behavior Snapshot from the event page Children’s fairy taleby selecting Take Photo. The game will automatically lead the players to locations where they can find all the mentioned animals.

One of the best places to take photos Shaggy pack yaks is located in Apam Woods, where several animals live near the river. Players are advised to bring Eloyas her passive talent allows the active character to sneak up on beasts without disturbing them.

There are three behaviors Shaggy pack yaksthat gamers should take pictures of: when they feed, rest and fight back enemies. The first one is pretty simple because their default pose is just laying on the ground.

Yak feeding is quite difficult to catch and players have to wait a long time before they can see it. It is recommended that players open their camera and aim at the beast until they begin to eat.

The last posture is attacking, which is the easiest behavior to observe. Players must maintain a safe distance between the active character and the beast before using any character with a bow. It’s even better if Genshin Impact players activate the shield before attacking the beast so that they don’t take any damage from the beast’s attacks.

Genshin Impact: Take pictures of rishboland tigers as they wash their faces, play with their own tails, and attack enemies

The rishboland tiger can be seen between Vanarana and the city of Sumeru. This beast is perhaps the most difficult because it keeps repeating the same behavior. Players may have to wait a long time for the tiger to wash up.

They usually repeat the behavior “tail gameso Genshin Impact players need to make sure their Camera stays on the animal so they can immediately capture the moment the Rishboland tiger starts washing its face.

Photograph spinocroks as they rest on the shore, open their mouths in the water and attack the victims

Spinocrocs live near the Sumeru River in Genshin Impact, similar to real-life crocodiles. One of the locations is in the Lokapal Jungle. As with the previous beasts, Aloy must be equipped on the team.

The most difficult behavior to capture would be the spinocrok opening its mouth. This can usually be seen on spinocroci that float on water.

Travelers need a lot of patience to complete this task, as the animals will repeat the same behavior before they change to a new one. However, lucky players can finish it in short order.


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