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Technically speaking, there were two Hydro Archons known to exist, according to Genshin Impact lore. The first of these was not named, but was known to have Lochfolk’s allegiance before she ended up perishing. Focalors is its successor and the main topic of this article.

If a Focalor follows the past priority set by previous playable Archons, this means she will:

  • five star character
  • Hydrouser
  • Released some time after Genshin Impact 4.0

There is no reliable information detailing her kit, so this article will primarily focus on what is officially known about Focaloras well as some related leaks.

Everything we know about Hydro Archon Focalor Genshin Impact so far

Who is the Focalor / Focalors in Genshin Impact

Focalors is known as the Hydro Archon and Goddess of Justice, residing in the Fontaine region. She is mentioned during preview of the storyline of the head of Teyvat and in the event Drops of desire!

History of the emergence of the Hydro Archon – Focalors

Some theories suggest that the Focalors were not an original member of the Seven. This is because she was chosen after the previous Hydro Archon died in the war. 2000 years ago.

According to Teyvat scientists, The War of the Archons was a battle between the Gods. “Seven” was created at the end of the war.

Theory 1

The former Hydro Archon had a desire to contact all the people of the world, so she sent the Oceanids, including the strongest of them, Rhodea of ​​Loch, around the world to act as Fontaine’s spies. After the departure of the previous Hydro Archon, the Oceanids did not recognize the new Hydro Archon and cut ties with Fontaine.

Theory 2

We have another theory that the Focalors killed the former Archon Hydro out of envy or to gain attention because he was so loved by his people, and she was his most loyal subject and always accompanied him everywhere.

When the former Archon Hydro was killed, Focalors ascended as the New Archon Hydro because she was so devoted to Justice and the former Archon. And since the Oceanids knew about the crime committed by Focalors, they did not recognize her as their new Archon and therefore were scattered around Teyvat by the spies of the former Archon Hydro. They took the opportunity to escape her forces and finally leave Fontaine.

What others say about Hydro Archon

Focalors is mentioned in the Archons quest

Focalors was mentioned by Nahida during the Pulse of Akash and Flames of Kalpa, the Archon’s quest, when a traveler asked her about the Fontaine region, which is said to be the traveler’s next destination.

Nahida said Fontaine operates within the judiciary, but Focalors does not preside over individual trials.

However, she still appears during each of them and has the right to influence the final verdict as the Archon.

Dunsleif on Hydro Archon

The Goddess of Justice lives only for the sake of judgment, but not for truth, and therefore is ready to judge even the Gods. But she also understands that it is impossible to argue with the heavenly order.

Focalors in Varunada Lapis Lazuli Gem Description

My ideals are untarnished!»

“I have to correct you. People here do not bear sins in the eyes of the gods… Only the laws and the Tribunal can judge. They can even judge me. So exalt my splendor and integrity.”

Oceanids – Hydro Creatures

Oceanids are Hydro creatures, and according to the description from the Boss archive Oceanid, they were implied to have served the previous Hydro Archon.

Differences Focalors from Nahida’s personality

On the official Genshin Impact Facebook, Focalors talked about Nahida’s personality, how she differs from herself, thus referring to herself as someone who is prone to tantrums.

When will Focalors be released in Genshin Impact?

Fontaine may come out in patch 4.0, similar to how Inazuma and Sumeru came out in patches 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. This means Focalores may come out with the Fontaine region or future 4.x updates.

As mentioned above, Focalors lives in Fontaine, which is located in the center of Teyvat, and the Archon quest “Volume IV: The Masquerade of the Guilty” takes place in this region.

Interesting Facts

  • In the Lesser Key of Solomon, “Focalors” is the Great Duke of Hell and the 41st demon, having thirty legions of demons under his command. According to the grimoire, Focalors has power over the wind and the sea, can cause death by drowning, and save those about to die in a watery grave. He hoped to return to Heaven after a thousand years, but he was deceived.
    • In the Final Fantasy series (especially in VIII and XII), the name Focalors is also associated with a type of fish-like monster (or at least water-related monsters).
  • The English name of the materials for the rise of Hydro characters comes from the name of Varuna, the Vedic deity associated with the sky, seas, justice and truth. In the Hindu Puranas, he is the god of the oceans.
    • In the Chinese version, “Varunada” instead of 涤净 Díjìng means “purification”.

Fontaine leaks

The new territory has already flashed in dialogues with NPCs and is called Fontaine, from the French “fountain”. The source of inspiration for the developers was France of the 20th century, but with some changes. The people in the region wear beautiful dresses and outfits, and the men almost always wear different top hats. Players met several of these characters during additional quests.

Fontaine is controlled by the Hydro Archon, whose hallmark is a heightened sense of justice. This is expressed in a very complex judicial system, which was also mentioned by some NPCs.

The main thing that distinguishes the new area from all the previous ones is advanced technologies. We are waiting for a real steampunk with metal cars, steam engines and, according to rumors, even a train.

Fonteille will be a true center of culture and art. Rock and roll music and the camera, thanks to which we went through many quests with photos, were created in the water region. In addition, the Steam Bird newspaper, in which Mona writes her column, also originates from Fontaine. This indicates a developed network of correspondents around the world.

So far, only one city is known – Petrikor. He was mentioned by Xavier in the task “Tatar’s Tales”. From the city should open a view of a huge waterfall.

What are the characters in Fontaine

There are quite a few non-playable characters from Fontaine that players have already met:

  • Caspar – Found near the Wanshu Tavern in Li Yue. The character says that the native species is nothing like Fontaine;
  • Francis is a traveling merchant. It can also be found in Li Yue. During the day, he is in the Liuli Pavilion, and at night in the Xinyue Kiosk;
  • Gaiman is a writer who is waiting for you south of the Statue of Seven in the Sea of ​​Clouds;
  • The “Great Thief” is a notorious criminal who was hired by the “Big Sister” and the Raptor of Li Yue, as well as the Keepers of the Mondstadt Treasure to rob, but was killed by the Herald of the Abyss;
  • Lochfolk of Endor;
  • Spring Fairy – lives in Springvale;
  • Lochfolk Rhodea – located near the village of Qingjie in Li Yue;
  • Xavier is an inventor and member of the Dream Club, creator of the camera. The character is one of the central characters in the quest “World Adventures of Tatara”. Xavier can be found in Inazuma;
  • Kurisu – real name Christopher, can be found in Ritou in Inazuma;
  • Patrice is a researcher who can be found during the Vibrocrystalline Research event;
  • Garcia – Another member of the Dream Club working on a calculator can be found in the quest “Garcia Pean”;
  • Bertrand – a toy designer and traveler in Inazuma, could be found in the “Apparatus Core” event;
  • Felix Yog – a member of the Dream Club, appeared in one of the temporary events.

Based on the plums, the sisters, Linet and Lini, will at least become playable characters. They look like entertainers, and one of the girls has cat ears. By tradition, one of the heroes will be five-star, and all the rest will be four-star.

That’s all you need to know about the Focalors as the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact and Fontaine. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don’t miss anything.


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