Killer Seven season 4 – release schedule for new episodes

Schedule for the release of new episodes for the 4th season of the anime Scissor Seven (Killer Seven). Date and time of the release of new episodes!

Attention hairdressers! Did you know that scissors can be misused? Not? Then wait for the 4th season of the Killer Seven anime to come out and see what use the protagonist has come up with for them. And we will talk about the plot and production of the tape.

Also, do not forget that the release date of season 4 of Killer Seven took place January 18, 2023 And there are new episodes!

Details about Killer Seven

The protagonist of the picture is a hairdresser named Seven, the Seventh, who suffers from amnesia. His comrade offers an interesting way out – to become hired killers and earn a lot of money for the memory recovery procedure.

It seems that this idea is a failure – the tasks for the Seventh killer are given cheap, and he does not have many skills – he only wields scissors from weapons. But soon the exit appears, and the character is sent to the war zone. He appears spectacularly, turning his opponents into a run – a mad assassin with scissors in his hand causes at least concern.

In the meantime, the Seventh killer is trying to take place in the profession of a mercenary, a fierce struggle for power is unfolding in the world. Everyone takes one of the sides, but not him – it is more important for the hero to take care of his own life and interests. Each new episode of the animated show turns into a mortal danger for Seven, but he is ready for a lot to achieve his goal – restore memory and return to normal life.

Recently, the bosses not only renewed the Killer Seven anime for season 4, but also announced the release date, which will take place in 2023. This means that the character’s adventures continue and he will again fight with the enemieswishing to fulfill a dream.

Curious facts

The creators did not tell about the plot of the future chapter, and why? You can just watch the premiere of the episodes and find out for yourself. Well, look for the release dates for season 4 episodes about the seventh killer below – there is up-to-date and verified information.

  • The first season of the show was released in 2018, the second in 2019, and the third in 2021.
  • Initially, only He Xiaofeng was the director, but from the 3rd part several directors joined him at once, including Chen Jiaze, Yang Zeqing, Xu Nihua.
  • The worldwide broadcast of Chinese anime took place thanks to Netflix, which showed it to viewers from different countries.
  • Sharefun is responsible for the animation in the project throughout all the episodes.

Of course, all this information is lost on the basis of the main thing – Killer Seven received a release date for season 4 and very soon you will be able to watch all the planned episodes and borrow a couple of scissor handling chips from the hero. But it’s better not to after all, real life is around us, and not a Chinese animated film.

Killer Seven Season 4 Episode Schedule

Original name: Wu Liuqi: Anying Suming
Series number Premier dates
Release date: 2023
Number of episodes: 10
Studio: Sharefun Studio, AHA Entertainment
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Comedy
4×01 January 23, 2023
4×02 January 23, 2023
4×03 January 27, 2023
Season 4 Episode 4 February 3, 2023
Season 4 Episode 5 February 10, 2023
Season 4 Episode 6 February 17, 2023
Season 4 Episode 7 February 24, 2023
Season 4 Episode 8 March 3, 2023
Season 4 Episode 9 March 10, 2023
Season 4 Episode 10 March 17, 2023

Trailer for Season 4 Killer Seven

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