King Mold’s Beak Genshin Impact – how to get, how to use

Mold King’s Beak is an item Genshin Impact, which was added to the game with version 3.0 and is intended to raise the dendro of characters. The manual includes a description of the item and how to obtain it.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update has introduced a huge amount of new content for longtime fans and newcomers alike, so there’s plenty to explore. Along with a massive new area and a host of unique enemies, there’s a new elemental type that players must build their teams around.

As part of the 3.0 update, you can now use the element Dendro, which has the power of plants to kill enemies and help allies. With the new element, a couple of new characters entered the pool to use this ability. It’s very important to make these characters as powerful as possible to see what Dendro’s magic can do.


What is the Mold King’s Beak in Genshin Impact?

Mold King’s Beak
Type of Character development
Source Feathered Molds Lv. 30+
Description The beak obtained after defeating the Feathered Mold.
Scientists still cannot believe that soft molds were able to develop such hard beaks. The magnificent mold king strolls leisurely along the finish line of evolution, from time to time making an appeal to all the inhabitants of the rainforest: “Even the most helpless and cowardly creature can one day become the forest lord!”

How to get the Mold King’s Beak in Genshin Impact

feathered mold

Genshin Impact players are used to being given shopping lists to take their favorite characters to the next level. Players will discover several new items on this list, one of which is Mold King’s Beak (Majestic Hooked Beak).

Players can get Mold King’s Beak only from a specific monster called feathered mold (Jadeplume Terroshroom). This monster is a massive bipedal flightless bird composed of plant life, similar to the dangerous leaf ostrich.

feathered mold is a common boss that players will find in Wanaran, the new region of Sumeru. It’s a pretty tough fight, but a level 30 beast will reset Mold King’s Beak after the defeat.

feathered mold (Jadeplume Terroshroom) Unleashes a series of vicious melee attacks that deal significant damage. He can also release a flurry rocket dendro and cause explosive damage around your body.

Like many bosses in the game, feathered mold has a Rage mode which makes it much more powerful. While in a Fury state, he will launch much more projectiles, attack more often, and move much faster.

Use pyro to significantly reduce the rage bar feather mold. It has 25% resistance to all types of damage, with the exception of Dendro, which it resists at 80%. Conversely, if he suffers from the Burning effect, he will summon allies and make the fight more difficult.

Using the Beak of the Mold King in Genshin Impact

Mold King’s Beak has only one use in Genshin Impact.

The material can be used to elevate two characters that joined the game as part of the 3.0 update.

Kollei and Tignari are Dendro archers who need Mold King’s Beakto improve your strength. Ironically, they would be one of the weakest characters in the game when trying to win. feather mold.

Each character will need 46 Mold King’s Beaksto reach your maximum level. With a total of 92 units of this item, players will have to fight the bird an average of 40 to 50 times.

They will have to collect many units of this item in order to upgrade the two new Genshin Impact characters. Just go to the neighborhood of Vanarana and win feather mold as many times as necessary.

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