Krasnoplodnik (Henna Berry) Genshin Impact. Where to find, the best farming routes…

Redfruit in Genshin Impact. Where to find and how to farm better! All Redfruit spawn locations in Genshin Impact, an interactive map, the best routes to quickly collect game material, and how to use it.

Krasnoplodnik in Genshin Impact is a Sumeru curiosity that players will also need to ascend some of the new characters from Sumeru. It will be available in the game with the release of Update 3.1 on September 28, 2022.

Krasnoplodnik (Henna Berry)
Type of Curiosity Sumeru
Family character elevation material
Item Source (Ingame) Sumeru Desert
Description A fruit that grows even in the most adverse desert conditions. Its bright crimson fruits look even more beautiful against the background of yellow sand.

Redfruit in Genshin Impact grows in the Sumeru Desert, so you need to go there to collect it. It is a fruit that grows even in the most adverse desert conditions. Its bright crimson fruits look even more beautiful against the background of yellow sand.

Where to find Redfruit in Genshin Impact

Location distribution: Redberry is a special product Sumeru region, a special material of the Sumeru desert. Since the red cactus is the fruit of a cactus, the red nectar fruit grows only on a cactus, so it is mainly located on the surface of the ground on the ground, it is easy to find, it is located along the side of the road. However, the very nature of the Sumeru desert led to a significant disruption in the collection of material. For example, a mirage, sometimes you see a red-fruit from afar, but when you come closer, you cannot find it, or sometimes you don’t see it close, and then suddenly turning around, you come back again and see it……. Such situations exist and require closer attention to their collection. Remember: a cactus does not necessarily have a red cactus, but a cactus definitely has a red cactus. So if you see cacti on the side of the road, pay attention to them.

Interactive art of the location of the Redfruit in Genshin Impact:

Effect: Redberry is the main pumping material Candace and Faruzanwhich is in high demand.

Update time: Updated once every 48 hours.

Map Pass Tips:

Redberries in the Twilight Desert are plentiful and widespread, so running around the map is relatively tiring. Recommended take double wind characterto reduce stamina consumption and increase movement speed, for example, good characters are Kazuha, Ye Lan and Sayu. You can also take Tignari with you, which can greatly increase the collection efficiency. As for props and food, then it is recommended to have enough food and propsto reduce stamina consumption, you need to hurry, the consumption is still relatively high.

Routes pharma Redfruit (Henna Berry)

Route 1: Aru village and surroundings (8 pcs)

From the specified anchor point, you can collect a total of 8 Redberries along the route.

Route 2: House of Life and Neighborhood (18 pcs.)

There are a total of three routes around the House of Life, the first one is on the top left of the House of Life, you can go straight down from the trail point under Aru Village. The second is under the House of Life, and the third is to the left of the House of Life.

Route 3: Saturation Hill, Sandy Eye Adjacent Zones (19 pcs.)

The route is widely branched, and it is generally recommended to collect redberries on the two middle routes. It is worth noting that the last two redberries on the above route are high upand they need to be collected by flying up with the help of a four-leaf seal.

Route 4: Oasis of Abundance + Shelter Hill (16pcs)

Waypoints in the Oasis of Plenty are relatively concentrated and not difficult to collect. And the three pieces on Shelter Hill are a little further away, since there are more four-sheet printing, the collection is relatively efficient, it is recommended as a convenient route for collection. Note: Don’t miss out miragewhich you will meet south of Shelter Hill, where can i get the achievement.

Route 5: Molten Stone Hill (12pcs)

You can explore Molten Rock Hill by exiting Hiding Hill Route 4, just collect along the route.

Route 6: Saturation Hill (Gardens of a Thousand Pillars 6 pcs.)

This location is relatively difficult and requires a puzzle to reach it. The main trick is to alternately light the fire element squares without the flaming flowerby completing the puzzle, you will unlock the secret garden of a thousand pillars. Note that there will be an air wall here to block the attack, so find the right angle to strike.


In general, there are still quite a lot of red berries in the Twilight Desert. If you look at a map in the Twilight Desert, they seem to be everywhere. Only one character, Candace, is currently using the material for her promotion, therefore, selective collection in places of dense congestion is sufficient. It is worth noting that you have to walk a lot when collecting red fruits, so you need to take double wind characters such as Sayu and Ye Lanwhich can greatly improve the collection efficiency. Well, that’s it for this episode, I hope it helps you pick redberries quickly!

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