Level Up in Genshin Impact (Characters, Weapons, Artifacts)

AT Genshin Impact raising the level affects several aspects at once. Travelers need to level up the character, use artifacts and weapons, level up the adventure, and more. In this article, we will look at each of the items that need to be leveled in Genshin Impact?

Before talking about the various systems of development in Genshin Impactplayers should be aware that they need to increase their Adventure Rank in order to progress through the game.

This is the main progression system that players should focus on most of the time. Your Adventure rank unlocks dungeons, world bosses, story quests, new features like the battle pass, co-op play, and more.

If you want to grow in Genshin Impact, then increase your Adventure Rank.


How to level up a character in Genshin Impact?

Basics: Character Experience

Leveling up in Genshin Impact works the same as it does in many other games, but there are some differences that will make you either really powerful or really low level.

To start with, leveling up in the game increases your basic stats like HP, attack, and defense. No more. It doesn’t really give you any “perks” to level up (like allowing you to equip better armor or weapons), but it’s still important to level up to maintain those base stats!

To level up you need Character Experience. Sounds obvious, but there are several types of EXP you will earn throughout the game, but make sure you look for the icon shown on the right.

So how do you get character experience? There are various ways to get it:

  • Victory over enemies.
  • Completing quests.
  • Using items (the best way).

Yes, in this game you can use books (which are consumables) to level up your character. This is by far the best way to level up as you gain a significant amount of experience for the book you use. Enemies and quests don’t really give you that much EXP (and they actually stop giving you character EXP for a few quests later in the game), so you’re stuck with killing enemies and using those books. Don’t worry because there are tons of books scattered throughout the game and you usually get a few of them in most quests as a reward so you can still earn your levels that way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I highly recommend that you don’t waste all your books once you get a new character, especially when you start exploring Teyvat. Be sure to play with them a bit and get used to the books. You really shouldn’t be wasting books on leveling characters you don’t intend to use, because that would basically be a waste of valuable experience.

Character Experience Materials

When using character experience materials, every 5 character experience points will cost 1 mora.


As you play the game, you will come across this notion when you first level up your character to 20. Basically in this game, your characters will be limited to every certain number of levels, and in order to continue leveling up, you will need to rise.

When you reach your maximum level (20 – the first), it will be possible to raise the selected character. This requires special items and Mora. These items are usually obtained by completing quests/dungeons, but you can also find a few of them in souvenir shops and you need to use Elemental Seals (depending on the region) to buy them. You can’t buy any of the items over the sea, so you’ll need to research and get these seals.

You need to level up characters, not only because it increases your max level, but also gives you a HUGE boost in your base stats without even leveling up, which is awesome!

Weapon Level Up


Just as your characters level up, your equipment in this game also needs to be upgraded. Leveling up your weapon means that its base attack power increases as well as the substratum it has (CRTI + x%, STR + x%, etc.).

Unfortunately, the only way to level up your weapons is to use “materials” to gain an experience boost. There are several ways to level up a weapon:

IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT use the same weapons as the materials. The game has a feature called Awakeningand we’ll talk a little more about it in the paragraph below.


Weapon 3 and above has a small additional buff called Awakening. These advanced actions give your weapons a huge boost in everything they do, whether it’s dealing more damage to enemies when you shoot them at their weak spots (bows), or it increases the damage you deal to slimes.

To awaken the weapon, you must press the button details and instead of improving it, you select the Awaken item under it. The only way to awaken a weapon is to use repeated instances of the same weapon. Let’s say you have 3 rusty bow. You can awaken 3 of them in 1 to give your bow a couple of boost ranks, allowing you to go from +40% normal attack damage to +60% damage. This is a HUGE boost that doesn’t require anything from you other than a few Morata coins.

Refinement is extremely powerful and it gives you a reason why you MAY want to go for a weaker weapon, because these awakening actions can sometimes be extremely powerful, more powerful and rewarding in fact than having an extra 10 base ATK.


Like your characters, your weapon level cap is limited and you must elevate himto increase the maximum level. It’s the same as with your characters going through barriers every 20 levels and you’ll also need some specific items to use for ascension, but the stat increase they get is HUGE!

Level Up Artifacts


Just like your characters and weapons, you can level up your artifacts.

Leveling up your artifacts increases their base stats, and as they level up, you’ll be able to get new “bonus attributes”, which is great!

The only difference is that, as far as I know, there is NO WAY to level up your artifacts other than using your older, weaker artifacts as recycling materials. You can’t use the same upgrade ore that you use for your weapons on them, so you have to be VERY careful about which ones you want to upgrade, because while you can get a lot of artifacts, they don’t really give you so much experience (I mean you, 1and 2artifacts!).

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