List of all Genshin Impact characters’ birthdays by month

Curious players who want to know the birthdays of all the characters Genshin Impactshould find the list provided in this article quite helpful. One nice thing about this game is that the dates of birth of all of its playable cast are already known. This knowledge is useful for two main reasons:

  1. This helps the character become more “official” and make him a fan art on his birthday.
  2. The player receives free rewards delivered to his account if he logs in on the character’s birthday.

Before getting into the birthdays of the player characters, it’s worth mentioning that the Traveler can be born on any day the player chooses. In addition to them, all characters have a predetermined birthday, which will be the same for every gamer.

The mail that players receive by each character’s date of birth differs from year to year, both in terms of flavor text and actual free loot. Also, you don’t need to own a character to receive this letter. The only thing that matters is that the gamer enters the special day. Here are all the birth dates for the incredible cast of Genshin Impact.

Here are all the birthdays of Genshin Impact characters


The following playable characters were born in January:

  • Tom: January 9
  • Dione: January 18
  • Rosary: January 24

Keep in mind that Genshin Impact does not list the years for any of their character’s birthdays.


Here is a list of February birthdays:

  • Bay Dou: The 14th of February
  • Kokomi: February 22
  • Bennett: February 29

In years when there is no February 29, Bennett just offer their mail on February 28th.


More about the March dates of birth:

  • Qi Qi: March, 3rd
  • Shen He: 10th of March
  • Genie: March 14th
  • Noelle: 21 March
  • Ayato: 26 March


Here is the following list of Genshin Impact characters and their special days:

  • Eloy: April, 4
  • Xiao: April 17
  • Ye Lan: 20 April
  • Dilyuk: April 30


Genshin Impact players should also know the following birth dates:

  • Candace: May 3
  • Collei: May 8
  • Goro: May 18
  • Yun Jing: May 21st
  • Fischl: May 27


We are almost half done with these lists:

  • Itto: June 1st
  • Paimon: June 1st
  • Lisa: the 9th of June
  • Venti: June 16
  • Emiya: 21st of June
  • Sayno: June 23
  • Shogun Raiden: June 26
  • Yae Miko: 27th of June

Paimon is the only character to give gamers his mail despite not being playable in Genshin Impact.


That’s when the following Genshin Impact characters were born:

  • Barbara: 5’th of July
  • Kujo Sarah: the 14 th of July
  • Hu Tao: July 15
  • Tartaglia: July 20
  • Heizo: July 24
  • Kli: July 27
  • Cookie Shinobu: July 28th
  • Yan Fei: July 28th


This list contains characters born in August:

  • Amber: August 10
  • Ning Guang: August, 26th
  • Mona: August 31


Similarly, here is a list of characters born in September:

  • Chun Yun: September 7
  • Razor: 9th of September
  • Albedo: September 13
  • Ayaka: September 28


There are three months left. Here is the list for October:

  • Xing Qiu: October 9
  • Xin Yan: October 16
  • Sayu: October 19
  • Eola: the 25th of October
  • Nahida: 27th October
  • Kazuha: 29th of October


The following Genshin Impact characters were born in November:

  • Xiang Ling: November 2
  • Ke Qing: 20 November
  • Sucrose: November 26
  • Keya: November 30th


Finally, here are the characters born in December:

  • Gang Yu: December 2nd
  • Nilu: December 3
  • Layla: December 19th
  • Dory: 21 December
  • Tignari: December 29th
  • Zhong Li: Dec. 31

This is a complete list of every Genshin Impact character and their respective birthday.

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