Local Curiosities Sumeru and Dendrocula Revealed in Genshin Impact

The Sumeru curiosities are an important part of the new dendro of the Genshin Impact region. Along with the Dendrocules, these are the game items that will take the Travelers the most time to farm throughout the campaign in Sumeru.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the latest Genshin Impact leaks:

Keep in mind that these plums are still subject to change, so take them with a pinch of salt. The following article will summarize all the authentic leaks about the Sumeru region and its local curiosities in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Patch 3.0 Plums Reveal More Information About the Sumeru Region

New Plums Genshin Impact gave the community a good idea of ​​Sumeru and his Statue of Seven. Sumeru will be the next huge region for fans to explore after the 3.0 patch update. This means that players will also stumble upon many new local curiosities and rewards.

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Local curiosities of Sumeru

Local Curiosities Sumeru and Dendrocula Revealed in Genshin Impact

Sources have shared tons of information about Sumeru’s new local curiosities. Here is a list of all the new local curiosities that will be added to Genshin Impact:

  • Rose Sumeru
  • Padisara
  • Zaytun Peach
  • Harra fruit
  • viboya
  • Kalpalata
  • moon lotus
  • Rukhashava mushrooms

The list is in order with the attached image above from left to right for clarity. Players should already be aware that local curiosities are usually collected as exalted materials. Therefore, these eight local curiosities will become material for the rise of future Sumeru characters.

Players Genshin Impact can learn more about these new local curiosities in a post on Reddit. Each local ingredient has a short description as well as clues as to where players can find them to gather.


Local Curiosities Sumeru and Dendrocula Revealed in Genshin Impact

The above leak reveals what Dendroculus will look like in Sumeru after Genshin Impact Patch 3.0 is released. Like other oculuses (anemoculae, geocules and electrocules) in the game, players will be able to collect Dendrocules and offer it to the Statue of the Seven.

Similar rewards can be expected from the Statue of the Seven Dendros, where each level and progression to level 10 will reward players with the following:

  • Adventure Experience
  • Primogems
  • Keys to the Shrine of the Deep
  • Dendro seals

The plums do not indicate how many Dendroculus will be added to the game. However, as with previous nations, players can find Dendroculus scattered throughout Sumeru.

Some of them will be located in fairly obvious places, while others will be in the most inconvenient places. Players can wait for future leaks or announcements for more clarity in this regard.

Sumeru badge

Local Curiosities Sumeru and Dendrocula Revealed in Genshin Impact

Whenever players teleport to any location within a certain region, such as Mondstadt, the Mondstadt icon will be displayed on the loading screen. The same thing happens in the Li Yue and Inazuma regions, and Sumeru is no exception. Recent leakers have shared an image that looks like the Sumeru icon on the loading screen.

Please be aware that the design or icon is subject to change and the official icon may differ from the image shown in this article. The Sumeru region is likely to be a game changer for Genshin Impact players.

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