Locations of all 24 Genshin Impact Kegs of Plenty

As of October 5, all Kegs of Opulence for all three phases are available and found in Genshin Impact. With all modes available to play, Travelers can find a total of 24 Barrels of Opulence at various locations in Mondstadt.

The barrels of abundance are special treasure chests for the “About Ballads and Cups” event, which provides players with various in-game rewards, including decorations for their store in another game mode called “Charity and creativity“. This article will reveal the location of all 24 barrels in Genshin Impact.

All 24 Barrels of Abundance in the Blessing of Abundance event

There are five main locations in Genshin Impact to find treasure kegs that are required for the event. Blessings of Abundance: Springvale, Mondstadt, Dawn Distillery, Starfall Lake and Valley of the Winds.


The first treasure chest can be seen in front of the Springvale announcement board, coincidentally at the location where players start the event Blessings of Abundance.

The second barrel can be found between three barrels near the stage at the wine market in Springvale.

Not far from the previous location, head southeast until you reach the Spring Fairy’s house, which is a small pond next to the windmill. The third barrel is hidden here.

Near the pond, Genshin Impact players can head to the nearby house to find another Treasure Keg.

Climb the cliff south of the previous location to find another location with a barrel at the very top.

Continue south until you reach the last house in Springvale at the top of the cliff, where there is a treasure chest on a cart just behind this house.

Teleport to the domain forgotten canyon and head north until you reach the rock near the waterfall where the barrel stands.


There are many kegs hidden in Mondstadt, and gamers can start by looking behind the Cat’s Tail Tavern.

There is a souvenir shop on the opposite side of the Cat’s Tail Tavern. Travelers should look behind him to find the next treasure chest.

Go to another bar called Share of Angelsand travelers will find another keg near the back entrance of the tavern.

Go straight from the tavern Share of Angelsuntil you see the side gate of Mondstadt, as well as an NPC named Guy. The treasure chest can be found on top of the cart near Gaius.

Teleport to the waypoint in the city of Mondstadt and turn around to see an NPC Ludwig Gotha and a keg that is behind the hotel next to a couple of tables and chairs.

The next treasure chest is on top of the windmill, which is located south of the Favonius Knights headquarters, and Genshin Impact players can reach this location by flying down from the top of the headquarters or climbing the windmill from below.

Teleport to the waypoint at the Favonius Knights headquarters and head inside the library to find the next treasure chest.

Exit the Favonius Headquarters and head west to the Training Grounds to find a Cask of Plenty near Hellene.

From the previous location, head to the giant statue of Barbatos in front of the cathedral to find the next treasure chest at his feet.

Head northwest and climb to the top of the cathedral to find another keg hidden by Amber.

Teleport to a waypoint outside of the city of Mondstadt and head northwest to Sidorov Lake to find a treasure chest from Timmy.

Starfall Lake

Teleport to the Statue of Seven in Starfall Lake and head southwest to an old and battered wagon. The keg can be found right next to the cart.

Continue west of the previous location until you reach the lake and the enemy camp. It should be noted that Travelers cannot claim the treasure chest during combat.

Valley of the Winds

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Valley of the Winds and head to the back of the giant tree to find the Cask of Plenty.

Continue southwest until you reach the red adventurer’s tent with a treasure chest next to it.

Distillery “Dawn”

Teleport to the Statue of Seven northeast of Dawn Distillery and head southwest to the main entrance to this winery to access the keg next to the cart.

Head south until you reach a house with a treasure chest under a vine used for winemaking.

With all the Kegs of Abundance scattered for the Blessing of Abundance event, players will finally be able to decorate their store at the event Charity and creativity in Genshin Impact.

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