Lost Apocalypse Genshin Impact – How to Get All 5 Chess Pieces


Apocalypse Lost is a difficult quest in Genshin Impact that requires completing numerous tasks and acquiring various items, all to activate a strange contraption in the desert. Here is our guide to the Lost Apocalypse quest to help you with the chess pieces Safkhe Shatranj and Memory of Gurabad.

How to complete the Lost Apocalypse Genshin Impact quest

Quest “The Lost Apocalypse” in Genshin Impact has several requirements that match the quest steps:

  • The main goal here is to get all five chess pieces for Safkhe Shatranj’s “board”.
  • Most of these items can be found while you complete the quest chain. Panikhida Bilcis.
  • The last item, however, requires completing this quest chain, followed by a daily reload, and then Falcon hunting.

All chess pieces Safkhe Shatranj where to find and how to get

Every chess piece in Sumeru Genshin Impact 3.4 is in a world quest chain. In total, you need to collect five chess pieces:

  1. Pillar of King Deshret
  2. border fort
  3. shower boat
  4. hajj nisut
  5. Temple of Gurabad

After all the chess pieces are collected, place them on the chess board in Safkh Shatranj to activate the quest Lost apocalypsewhere Lilupar will return to Gurabad and say goodbye to the main character.

Placing all chess pieces also allows players to locate activation devices Genshin Impact. There are seven activation devices in total, each of which can be used to get a Rich Chest. Once all seven Devices are restored, players will receive an Achievement worth five Primogems.

Pillar of King Deshret – quest “Temple where the sands flow like tears”

You can get the Pillar of King Deshret chess piece during the Dirge of Biltzis quest in the subquest The Temple Where Sands Flow Like Tears. The chest appears after you have received Lilupar in Lilupar Prison.

Frontier Fort – Abundance Beneath the Sand Dunes quest 1

The Frontier Fort can be found during the Biltzis Panikhida quest as part of the Abundance Under the Sand Dunes subquest Part I. You get it in a rich chest in the Damavand dungeon after you defeat the Sacred Scorpion and open the door.

Boat of Souls – Quest “Affluence Under the Sand Dunes 2”

The Boat of Souls chess piece can be obtained in the Bilcis Memorial quest chain, which will lead you to the Land of the Three Channels (specifically part: Abundance Under the Sand Dunes II). If you don’t remember, go to the underground teleportation point of the Land of Three Channels and go to the ruins ahead with large pink/purple flowers. There will be a rich chest.

aj-nisut – quest “Abundance under the sand dunes 3”

The Haj Nisut chess piece can be obtained from the Bilcis Memorial quest chain, which will lead you to the remains of the Ruin Golem in the Valley of Break Legs (specifically part: Abundance Under the Sand Dunes III). If you don’t remember, go to the underground teleportation point west of Breakleg Valley, cross the cave with the four leaf symbol to the large ruins. The rich chest is inside in front of the stairs.

Temple of Gurabad — quest “Falconry”

The last chess piece is in the Falconry quest, you will find it in a rich chest after hunting the Flying Serpent with Tadla. if you completed it, return to the place where you found the flying snake (teleport to the closest point to Unut Setekh and go south to the underground tunnels), this is in the cave where the Lilupar fragment was.

What’s next?

Once you have all five chess pieces, head to Safkh Shatranj. Did you notice the blue squares on the board? This is where you need to place items. There shouldn’t be any problems at all, as the interface will only show the correct part that you need to paste (as you can see in the image above). After placing the five pieces, you will start the Lost Apocalypse quest in Genshin Impact.

For starters, the ground will shake and you’ll have to fight a bunch of mobs. Lilupar will then tell you that you need to connect it to one of the devices – basically, a structure will appear next to you and it will have a “Chess Piece Trigger” option.

When you do this action, you will be teleported to the cave you visited earlier as part of the quest. However, the stone wall will collapse, revealing a hidden passage. Before the ruins, you will notice the following:

  • Torch Puzzle – Two torches are on the main platform while the other two are on top of the statues. You need to stand on the altars and hit them with a Pyro Shot (i.e. Ember’s Charged Attack as Emiya tends to have weird tracking).
  • Dendrocules – Climb any statue and you’ll notice spectral/invisible floors. Walk a little until you are almost under the Dendroculus, then climb the wall. There should be more invisible ledges on top, allowing you to grab the Dendroculus without falling.
  • Lilupar Fragment – Interact with Ginny’s Bulb/Flower Plot. This will complete the Lost Apocalypse quest in Genshin Impact.

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