Lost Child: Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough


AT Genshin Impact lost child is the third quest in the chain peace missions Meeting in the forest in Sumeru, in which you will clear the Wither Zones by eliminating the Spinocrocs, thereby helping the children of Vimara Village. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. lost child.


How to start the Lost Child quest Genshin Impact


Passage of the task Lost child. How to find and return Yotam to the village.

All Wither zones that Rana noted have been cleared and the Spinocrocs have been eliminated. Now you don’t have to worry about the children of Vimara village. Time to go back with Rana.

Return to Vimara Village
Rana, Paimon
Wound : I’m glad I went here with you. But Tignari needs to be informed about the expansion of the Wither zones.
Paimon : BUT? Is that a kid from Vimara village?
Wound : What? Stop, Yotam!
Find Yotham
Go deeper into the cave and find Iotam
Rana, Sergeant Fatui, Sergeant Fatui
Sergeant Fatui : Who are you? It would be better for you to go well.
Wound : Ha, who are you, huh?! I’m a forest guard and I’m looking for a missing child. Now you name yourself!
It’s Fatui! Where did they come from?
This is Fatui. Be careful.
Wound : Ah, so these are the same Fatui that Alfonso mentioned. Purpose of the visit?
Sergeant Fatui : Alfonso? Well. Whoever you are, you can’t just leave!
Wound : It seems that in a good way we will not agree!
Defeat Fatui and their minions
Wound : #{NICKNAME}, it’s good to have you here.
Yes, now there is nothing to worry about.
You did well.
Wound : Looks like Alfonso is right. Fatui is indeed very dangerous.
Wound : We will discuss this later. Probably Iotam in the depths of the cave. Let’s go.
Go even deeper into the cave in search of Iotam
Rana, Yotam, Paimon
Wound : Yotam… how are you…
Yotam : #Sob-sob… Wound? And {M#some uncle}{F#some aunt}…
Paimon : Ah? How did you get into the Withering Zone?.. Oh, how many monsters are around!
Wound : …
I will help.
What’s that green thing?
Wound : No… We don’t have much time.
Wound : #Please, {NICKNAME}, let’s go soon!
Wound : And you, Yotam, stay there! We’re on our way to help you!
Try to clear the Wither Zone
Rana, Yotam, Paimon
Wound : Phew… Glory to the Archons…
Yotam : Wound… Sob-sob…
Wound : Yotam, you’re already so big. Do not Cry. Now we will tell the scientists from the Academy about this zone … and they will immediately fix everything here …
Wound : #And by the way, I saw how I fought … that is, {F#aunt}{M#uncle} fought {M#ss}{F#as}. Be sure to tell {M#him}{F#her} thank you…
Paimon : Wound…
Hush, save your strength.
I’ll call for help.
Paimon : Rana, you need to rest…
Wound : Ha… ha ha… No need. Just a little dizzy. And fatigue set in…
Yotam : Rana… forgive me…
Wound : What are you doing?.. You’re my tiger cub, and tigers don’t cry!.. Yotam, how are you, didn’t you get hurt?.. Do you feel good? …
Yotam : I’m fine, but you, Rana…
Wound : No no! Nothing… The wound is fine. I’m still a seasoned forest guard! Let’s go!
Return to Vimara Village
Rana, Paimon, Yotam
Wound : #Sorry… {NICKNAME}, Paimon, I need to rest… Iotam, wait for me.
Paimon : Rana, are you sure you’re okay?..
Traveler : We’ll call for help…
Wound : No, no, everything is fine! .. I just need to rest a little …
Yotam : I’m sorry, Rana… Forgive me…
Wound : Well, what are you … I already said that everything is fine! But still, I’m mad at you.
Wound : You promised me … not to go into the forest … Now I will rest and show you how to obey your elders … Naughty boy …
Yotam : Sob-sob… I just heard my brother Alfonso say that there are big mushrooms growing here somewhere! I wanted to collect fresh mushrooms for Rana… so that Rana would eat them and be filled with vitality…
Wound : Stupid, it was not necessary … Nothing gives me vitality like caring for other people …
Wound : Ha ha ha… But the mushrooms here are really big… I wish I could pick them up and cook a curry. Delicious, maybe…
Traveler : So it was Alfonso who sent you here?
Yotam : Not. Brother Alfonso told me not to run away. But I really wanted to find some yummy for Rana, so…
Wound : Alfonso would never do that. He is his older brother…
Paimon : Okay… But how then did Iotam wander into the dead zone?
Yotam : In the forest, it seemed to me that someone was following me. I was scared. I thought, suddenly this is the incarnation of Marana. So he ran … whimper, whimper …
Yotam : And in the end I ended up in Marana …
Paimon : ?
An incarnation of Marana?
Wound : This is… the Wither Zone.
Yotam : Yes, she is the best.
Traveler : The incarnation of Marana?
Yotam : Yes. Black-black, high-high… Very bad. This is the same Marana, only she can walk on the ground.
Paimon : Marana… what a strange name.
Wound : Yeah. How do I know this?.. Ah! My head is spinning…
Wound : Yotam, what is this? Green?
Yotam : …
Yotam : This is ararakalari… It protects us from Marana.
Traveler : It’s getting more and more confusing…
Wound : It’s… some kind of forest magic… or music… It’s a macaw…
What it is?
Don’t beat your head with it. Rest.
Paimon : Rana, don’t think about it now. Better have a good rest!
Wound : I-I almost remembered, it’s called…
Yotam : Forgive me, Rana. I’m sorry… I’ll never, ever run away again! I will always stay at home.
Wound : Yes, Yotam. You must be smart, strong. To know what is good and what is bad … To know in the same way which mushrooms can be eaten and which cannot …
Yotam A: Well, I understand. Sorry…
Wound : #Marana is bad, but the forest is good… Become a strong, honest person and always help those who are in trouble… just like {NICKNAME} and Paimon help…
Wound : And always remember that the forest remembers everything …
Paimon : Oh, no, no, no! Looks like Rana is getting worse and worse!
You need to call for help.
Rana, wait for us here.
Wound : Hm? Ah… no, no, I’m fine. Just tired…
Wound : #{NICKNAME} please… take Iotam home instead of me…
Paimon : Uh-huh, let’s go, Yotam. Rana, don’t go anywhere! We are in a moment!
Return Yotham to Vimara Village
Wound : Don’t worry about me… Let’s go soon.
Alfonso, Paimon, Yotam
Alfonso : #Iotam? How did you get here… And {NICKNAME}…
Paimon : Time is short. Let’s talk in a nutshell…
You briefly describe what happened.
Alfonso : …Clear. Yotam, go get some rest.
Yotam : Yes. Forgive me, Uncle Alfonso…
Alfonso : #Nothing, the main thing is that you’re okay. {NICKNAME}, wait here for me. I’ll grab some medicine and let’s go right away.
Traveler A: We don’t have time for that. We will wait for you there.
Paimon : Yes, we should go back and be close to Rana…
Alfonso : Hey, wait…
Go to Rana
Paimon : BUT? Paimon remembers exactly what it is here.
Paimon : Wound! Do you hear us?
Are these marks…
Paimon : Doesn’t answer… Oh, what should we do?!
Paimon : BUT? There are traces…
Paimon : Let’s follow them. Maybe Rana left us a clue.
Walk in strange footsteps
Rana, Arana, Rana
Wound : …
Paimon : Hey! Wound! Are you here?
Wound : …
Paimon : What’s going on here? Oh, is this the thing that Yotam and Rana were talking about? Ara… kala… What was it called there?
How, how, can you do it again?
Paimon : Yes Yes! Exactly! He can still resist the decay of Marana…
Arana : Yes. Smart beds. Ararakalari does a great job with Marana.
Paimon : Wow!
Arana : Wow!
Is this…
Paimon : Phew … Why are you so scared! Paimon thought the vegetable had spoken.
Arana : Not a vegetable. Arana. Arana is a friend. Arana – aranara.
Paimon : BUT? Aranars? We’ve heard this word somewhere before…
Traveler : Arana…
Paimon : I think Yotam mentioned this name when he told us the story.
Arana : Yes. Nara Yotam is a friend of Arana.
Arana : #Aranars are children of the forest. They live with trees. Not like you and the Nara {NICKNAME}. You are like a dandelion child. Always on the go.
Paimon : #How do you know the name of {M#my companion}{F#my companion}?
Arana : No matter. Arana just knows. Something else is important. Arana really wants to help Nara Rana.
Nare Rane… You’ll break your tongue.
How can we help her?
Paimon : Help Rana? What do we need to do?
Arana : Thank you. You are good guys. Nara Rana is very important to Arana. She is a friend. Therefore, Arana will protect her.
Arana : #But this is not enough. Naru Rana needs to be cured. Find biju. {NICKNAME} will go to Vanarana. He will ask you to help find the biju.
…what is this?
Arana : Naru Rana was engulfed by the corruption of Marana. It is very dangerous. Pest beetles gnaw on the roots of trees. They dry up. The fruits are rotting.
Arana : Nar’s life is like a tree. Marana is a pest beetle. Only the bija can save Naru Rana.
Paimon : So we need to go to some place called “Vanarana” … try to find “beeja”. And then we can save Rana, right?
Arana : Bye.
And now Rana…
It’s clear. How can we get to the right place?
Arana : Do not worry. Arana will be here. Helps resist the decay of Marana. To not get worse.
Arana : But it won’t get any better without bija.
Arana : Follow the forest path to where the water flows from. This is how you get to Vanarana.
Arana : And then sing.
Let’s attract jumpers?
Traveler : (Some kind of melody began to play in my head …)
Arana : This is the Great Dream Song. Only by singing this melody, you can get to Vanarana.
Arana : Get into our dreams, our world.

Rewards for the quest Lost Child

  • Adventure Experience x400
  • Primogems x50
  • Mora x40000
  • Hero XP x4
  • Arcane Enhancement Ore x4

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