Lost Photo of Genshin Impact – World Quest Walkthrough

The Lost Photo is a Genshin Impact quest that requires you to find a lost photo for Mirror Maiden Fatui in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Our guide will guide you through all the stages of the task and help you get all the rewards for completing it.

Note: The quest takes place on the islands Golden Apple Archipelago and will no longer be available after the end of the version Genshin Impact 2.8. Based on this, remember that all the tasks that you find in the Archipelago must be completed as soon as possible and you have about 40 days for everything about everything.

Where to get the Lost Photo world quest and what are the requirements to access it

Mirror Maiden Fatui on the Broken Isle keeps talking about the lost photo and seems to be unable to communicate properly… Find a way to bring her back to consciousness. Perhaps this is how you find out the purpose of her being on the island.

You need to speak with Mirror Maiden Fatui Agafya in the Broken Isle to receive the Lost Photo world quest.

  • screenshot from the game

How to complete the Genshin Impact Lost Photo world quest.

  • Paimon: Where is the Mirror Maiden of Fatui from?..
  • Paimon: Are Fatui up to something here again?
  • Agafya: We must return soon … Return quickly … He is still there … Brothers, where are you … Your photos …
  • Paimon: Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here?
  • Agafya: The photo of the brothers was lost… without the photo, I won’t be able to return…
  • Paimon: Hey Fatui!
  • Agafya: I can’t leave him… I can’t leave him alone…

There’s something wrong… It’s impossible to talk to her…

Find the photo the Mirror Maiden lost

Give the Mirror Maiden the photograph and the pocket watch.

Speak to the Mirror Maiden

Check out where the Mirror Maiden has gone

Open the thorny cave entrance

Enter the cave and talk to Agafya

Look for other squad members


Adventure Experience x 250
Source Stone x 30
Mora x 30000
Hero XP x 3

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