new maps of the Sumeru desert and the names of the regions

Leaks Genshin Impact 3.1 revealed new information about the upcoming additions to the Sumeru map, which aim to expand the region into its vast desert regions. Players will be able to explore a vast desert filled with new treasures and mirages that will lead them astray.

The map includes a whopping sixteen new teleport waypoints, three new domains, and three new statues of seven, adding a huge area to the already vast region of Sumeru. Players can learn more about these Genshin Impact 3.1 leaks here and see what happens to Sumeru in the next game update.

Desert areas of Sumeru revealed by Genshin Impact 3.1 leaks

The Genshin Impact leaks have provided the best look at what’s coming out of the game’s 3.1 update, which aims to expand the Sumeru map in the desert. This desert area contains many new places to explore and will likely offer as many new world quests, secrets, treasures and stories as the rainforest did in 3.0. Players who are excited about the new adventure will have quite a few locations to look forward to from the desert expansion, and they are listed below.

Note: Even with the desert in 3.1, up to 31% of Sumeru will still remain unexplored.

The three main regions in the Sumeru Desert are known as downwind erosion, Sandplane Colonnadeand windward erosion. There are sixteen split waypoints between these three areas, as well as new Domains to complete and even three Statues of the Seven. It seems that players will need to walk around this area quite a bit, and there will likely be enemies and other rare materials scattered throughout this wilderness.

Sumeru Desert

There are a ton of named places within the three desert regions. Players will want to explore each of these areas thoroughly. They will likely need to enter these regions for quests and other in-game activities, and all of their names can be found on this list:

  • Aaru Village
  • Eye of the Sands
  • house of vitality
  • Path of Sacrifice
  • The Fecund Oasis
  • Hill of Full Flagons
  • King Deshret’s Mausoleum
  • Valley of Dahri
  • The Shunned Wold
  • Mound of Meteor Rock

According to the leaks, this won’t be the end of the additions coming to Sumeru. Notable places to explore are King Deshret’s Mausoleum and Valley of Dahri, since treasures are likely to be found there. Sumeru has already established itself as one of the most valuable regions for travelers to explore, and this new expansion will only add to that reputation.

The desert region also seems to include some very unique enemies, and it seems like the Traveler is in for a journey unlike anything they’ve taken before. Fans of Genshin Impact will want to prepare for new enemies using the sands to their advantage, and even new world bosses with unique desert adaptations. The sands of Sumeru hide a lot, and players will be able to unravel this mystery when it comes out. Genshin Impact 3.1.

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