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The final region of Genshin Impact, Sumeru, concentrates many mysteries for players, including Thutmose’s secret base with a hidden password. Unlocking this secret base is an important part of the quest, so fans can find a guide to unlocking it here.

Opening Thutmose’s secret base will require the use of a password, which players can obtain from an NPC patrolling the Sumeru Desert, and can be quite difficult to obtain. Once the players receive the password, they will need to use it to activate the login to the base. Travelers can learn how to enter Thutmose’s secret base in Genshin Impact below.

Thutmose’s secret base in Genshin Impact: How to enter and complete Hidden Mercenaries quest

The Genshin Impact 3.1 update added a ton of content to Sumeru, including a massive desert where players can find Thutmose’s secret base. Entering the base is part of the quest “Hidden Mercenaries“, which fans can get by exploring the desert.

To start Hidden Mercenaries in Genshin Impact, go to Aaru village after completing the quest “double proof» and talk to Soheil. He will provide you with several tasks to complete, instructing you to find valuables in a hidden base near Lamb Eater Rock. After starting the quest, you will need to travel to the desert to get the password for Thutmose’s base.

Head to the area shown in the image above and you’ll find a group of Eremites surrounding the mechanism in front of the massive door. Interacting with the mechanism will prompt it to ask you for a password, which you will need to obtain by following the highlighted Eremite woman through the desert until she provides you with the password.

Follow the girl from a distance to make sure she doesn’t see you and listen carefully to her dialogue. She eventually reveals the password in blue highlighted text, at which point you can return to the mechanism you found at the beginning.

After you have received the password from the mercenary, return to the mechanism and interact with it to open the secret base. Password – Marg bar Parvezravan (Marg bar parvezravan), and selecting this option will open the door to Thutmose’s secret base. From there, you can freely explore the secret base and complete the quest “Hidden Mercenaries» in Sumeru.

Once inside, the rest of the quest is pretty short. All you have to do after entering is look for valuable items in the secret base. While there are plenty of eremites inside to defeat, there are no more puzzles to complete before completing the quest.

You just have to explore further until you find the secret treasury of Thutmose, full of pestilence, chests and other loot. By opening a regular chest located in this room, you can teleport back to Aaru village and talk to Soheil to turn in his quest and get 40x primogems, 3x Hero XP and 43,500x Mora.

Genshin Impact quests can be tricky to complete, but this Sumeru quest is quick and definitely rewarding.


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