Download PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.22.0

For all fans of action and combat games, we offer you the PUBG MOBILE LITE game, of course everyone knows the PUBG game and it has spread greatly since it was released; The reason why it spread so widely and spread its fame in this strange way and increased the number of its fans and users; The game has a new idea, which is that it can be played with a group of players at the same time.. Therefore, friends agree to download it and play it together.

However, the gameplay is very entertaining and players can communicate with each other through the microphone; Yes, you can open the microphone and communicate with your friends and comment on how each of them plays while playing the game; This idea was new to the action and fighting game players and makes the players’ entertainment multiply while playing!


individual pubg :

You can play the game alone if your friends are not inclined to fight and action, and you will find the required entertainment and you will get extraordinary enthusiasm and challenge while overcoming the missions and obstacles that PUBG puts for you; Try it and you will outdo yourself if you like action games!

Collective pubg :

We talked about playing PUBG Lite with a group of friends as well; It is a new and very entertaining idea that makes the group participate and cooperate to complete the tasks presented in the game.

PUBG Mobile or Windows :

PUBG Lite is compatible with any device; It can be played by Android or iPhone holders, and it can also be downloaded to Windows and played on a computer or laptop, and you will be more comfortable, and the image is very clear and you can complete the tasks in it brilliantly.

Pubg lite :

If we talk about PUBG Lite, then this is a different version of the PUBG game.. but it is similar to the game from the inside and the tasks in it are the same as the tasks of the action game PUBG.. but the only difference in PUBG Lite is that it is a mini game!

But if you have a phone with a small space or even you have a lot of applications on your phone and there is not enough space in your phone to download the original game; You can rely on PUBG Lite, as it is lighter in terms of size and space, and you will not need a large place until you download and play it on your phone.

Therefore, the game is the most appropriate choice for those who have a small storage space and cannot download the original game; As for the user who has a phone with a large space and can download the original game, he can do that because the original PUBG is better.

PUBG Mobile Lite game tasks :

Now that we have talked about the game in general, we can enter into the details of the wars in the game; Continue to know more..

Once you download, install and open the PUBG Lite game, you will start a journey of fighting and excitement; The game begins with a large number of warriors in the plane of this plane flying in the air and with the passengers a map through which they can locate the mission; But every warrior has a certain place that he will take and go down to.

Now it’s your turn to get off the plane by parachute; Once you open the parachute and jump in the right place, you can discover the location of the first mission and know well your strengths to use against your enemies .. What are your strengths?

How to help in PUBG Lite game:

There is a wide range of aids which can be taken as your strengths; The first is the weapons that you own and you can destroy your enemies with.

Your Weapons in PUBG Mobile Lite:

There is a large group of weapons in the game PUBG Lite placed in a box at the bottom of the screen, including powerful weapons and stronger weapons.

  • Guns : Use single-shot guns to hit targets in easy missions; Enemies don’t come in groups and guns will suffice for such missions.
  • Machine guns : because the machine guns produce a large number of bullets, so you can kill a large number of enemies at once and eliminate them. In missions where enemies come in groups, it will be very difficult to rely on single-shot guns; Be careful to handle the sprinkler all the time because the bullets in it wear out quickly.
  • Bombs : there are not many bombs and they are not available all the time in the game; You will find it on the way.. You can use it in places where there are many soldiers or huge animals and you are not able to confront you; Putting a bomb on them and detonating it will do the trick, and you can then continue on your way.

PUBG fighting games :

  1. In the PUBG Lite game, you are trained in a large number of combat games and you can do many tricks to eliminate any enemy that stands in your way, even if you do not load guns or do not have bullets; Use your muscle strength and employ your skills to eliminate the enemy by hitting.. There is no doubt that collecting bullets while walking will benefit you because it makes it easier for you to fight a lot.
  2. There is more than one way to run and jump, and you can implement them by pressing the commands on the screen; There is also a button to lie down, through which you can lie on the ground and use the weapon to shoot.. This button is very important in open places if you do not want to be visible.
  3. Energy Drink: In the PUBG Lite game, you need food all the time so as not to lose your focus or enthusiasm for fighting; The mission of the energy drink is to re-energize you and it will put you in a great state of mind and give you physical strength; You can pick it up as soon as you see it and you can drink it.. but also don’t exhaust it until there are quantities left to complete the rest of the trip.

Find out for yourself the rest of the aids in the game because it will make the fighting process a lot easier for you!

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.22.0

PUBG LITE Fighting Locations:

Indoor combat: In the game PUBG Lite, there are some missions that are in closed places, such as closed buildings and down stairs; And in closed buildings.. War in such places is difficult because the enemy may be hiding behind doors or windows or under furniture.. That is why you must run and be quick to hit the target, but you must beware of the element of surprise while playing.

Fighting in the forests : In the forests and places that contain trees, you can run and search for the enemy, but do not let him see you or know your presence and hit the target quickly.

Airplanes: You don’t have a plane in PUBG Lite and it would be very difficult to fight a plane if you didn’t have heavy weapons; Use the heavy weapons that the game gives you to eliminate planes and helicopters.

surfaces :

  • Fighting on the roofs will not be difficult in the PUBG lite game, but what if you are at the bottom and an enemy tries to kill you from the roof of a tall building? Do not be nervous and try to hit the target before it kills you.. because if he shoots you, you will lose an attempt.
  • Also, if you are on the roof of a building, you can kill the enemies below; This method will make killing them very easy; Because you are in hiding and you can hit the target easier than them.
  • If you want to fight from the roof of a building, you must make sure that the building is free of enemies, because one of them may come from behind and take your life.