Pubg Mobile Metro Royale | The Best Game of the Year 2021?

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale

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The game of the year has yet to be released. However, after playing it on PC and mobile, I believe that this game will be the best game of 2021. Here are three reasons why this is true for anyone interested in checking it out. First, the graphics are absolutely breathtaking on both PC and mobile.

With a unique blend of third-person shooter and first-person perspective, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to live in a post-apocalyptic world where otherworldly forces run rampant. Furthermore, the art style is realistic enough that you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of Metro Roya

Just what is Metro Royale?

Most of us know by now the story of the game. After an unknown disaster, the cities of the Metro are completely destroyed and the people are unable to move. It was theorized that somehow, humans may have survived. Metro Royale is a “survival shooter” where you’ll have to experience this world as a survivor and figure out how to escape the Metro.

It’s similar to a modern day zombie apocalypse in that you’ll be facing waves of zombies, but also have to deal with mysterious dark forces and the larger plot of the Metro Royale saga. The FPS Play Style The very first thing I noticed when I started Metro Royale was the FPS genre. This game does not have any action and platforming elements to it, meaning it’s a pure shooter where you will be dealing with zombies.

Why should you try it?

This is a world that you can fall in love with, and one that you want to experience again and again. The detailed graphics allow you to feel as if you’re really living the wasteland. The new features, like light and gunplay, add a new level of difficulty to the game. You’ll be able to overcome the enemies that you come across. Why should you look forward to playing it? There’s a unique story hidden within this story as well.

When Metro Roya was released last year, it gained quite a bit of popularity. Although the game was not made available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it wasn’t because of its lack of performance. The developers, based in Turkey, simply chose not to support those platforms.

What are the pros of playing on mobile?

If you have a phone with an OS that supports Unreal Engine 4, such as Apple iOS 11, Android 9 Pie or Windows 10, you’re in luck. You won’t have to pay extra money to have access to the game. However, be aware that because of this, you will be using the same launcher you’re already familiar with, meaning you will not be using your favorite launcher, such as LG or Samsung. Also, you will be taking advantage of the Fortnite cross-play feature.

While Epic Games can be difficult to work with in the past, they have changed their ways this year. With a new mobile game coming out soon that will allow players to experience the same game, it would be wise to take advantage of the Fortnite integration. Second, the integration between the game and the Dark Souls franchise.

What are the cons of playing on mobile?

For some, this game will require a full-time commitment, and if it’s a game you find yourself having the most fun with on PC, then you’ll probably want to buy it on console. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need a pretty fast internet connection to enjoy the game. If you don’t own an Android phone and don’t have an extra, then you should consider getting an iPhone or iPad to play the game.

Lastly, because of the game’s content, you will need to be ready to spend an amount of time (for most) that’s between two and four hours per day to get the best experience possible. However, if you can put in that amount of time, you will see incredible results in terms of seeing the world through the eyes of a pro zombie. How can someone become a pro zombie?


In Metro Royale, you will make a living the only way you know how: by fighting. All of the other human survivors have disappeared, or are but a distant memory. These are the moments that feel right, like you’re the only living person who remembers that fateful day that started the apocalypse. This game is also available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! For more information, please visit the official website.

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