Quest guide Bug battles are eternal! Genshin Impact

AT Genshin Impact Bug battles are forever! is a world quest added with the game update to version 3.4. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Bug battles are forever!


How to start the quest Battles of bugs are eternal!

Visit the Adventurer’s Guild and take the quest

Walkthrough Bug battles are forever!

The epic bug fight of the magnificent Arataki seemed to be quite successful. Now it’s time to go back and see what’s going on with Arataka Itto and Grand Master Hanakado

Return to the location of the Epic Bug Fight
Speak with Arataki Itto
Wait for the next day
Speak with Arataki Itto

A detailed walkthrough of the task will appear at the start of the event!

Quest rewards Bug battles are eternal!

  • Mora x10000
  • Adventurer Experience x4

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