Questions without answers. Fenech. Chapter I – Walkthrough of the Legends of Tignari Quest


AT Genshin Impact Questions without answers is a quest of the legends of Tignari. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Questions without answers.


How to start the quest Unanswered Genshin Impact


Passage of the task Questions without answers

Name Description Objectives
The beginning of pollution You haven’t seen Katerina for a long time. Might be worth checking it out? •Talk to Katerina
•Ask Tignari
• Buy Vasanti herbs from vendors
•Ask around people
•Ask around people
•Ask around people
• Discuss with the merchant from the caravan further actions
•Go to the place where the robberies happened
•Follow the pack yak
•Feed the pack yak
•Keep following the pack yak
•Watch for anything strange around you
•Defeat the Mechanical Crab
•Try talking to the mechanical crab
•Take the parts to the merchant
•Return to the forest of Avidya and prepare medicine for Yara
The further into the forest… Now you have a “guide”, so it’s time to go to the wilds of the polluted zone. •Find the Mechanical Crab
•Go deep into the contaminated area
•Keep moving deeper into the contaminated area
•Install the cleaning device
•Defeat the monsters
•Follow the mechanical crab
•Defeat mechanical monsters
•Talk to the person in trouble
•Find a suitable place to put up a tent
•Create a camp
•Go to the tent and go to bed
•Talk to Tignari
• Collect pest repellers
•Create a camp
•Move deep into the contaminated area
• Defeat the monsters that stand in your way
mechanical heart The mechanical crab stopped. This seems to be the source of the pollution. •Examine the anomalous area
• Approach the source of pollution
• Defeat the mechanical monsters that have settled here
•Examine the strange device
•Follow the mechanical crab and keep searching
• Examine the lying person
• Gather materials (0/3)
• Gather materials (1/3)
• Gather materials (2/3)
•Turn off artery extractors
•Talk to Tignari
•Return to the lab
•Inspect earth artery extractors
• Leave the secret lab
Memories in the nursery You have left the secret laboratory. Now you need to tell Katerina about the elimination of the contaminated area. •Talk to Katerina
•Wait for the next morning (08:00 – 12:00)
•Go to Pardis Dhyay to see Tignari

Quest Rewards Unanswered Questions

Genshin Impact 89

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