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Sand Wen Larva is Sumeru’s curiosity Genshin Impact, found in the Hadramavet Desert in Genshin Impact 3.4. The guide includes an answer to the question of where to find the material Larva of sandy wen, best farming routes, interactive map and how to use this item.

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What is a Sand Wen Larva in Genshin Impact?

According to the legend of the inhabitants of the desert, quicksand eels and ducks are the descendants of a giant snake that once swallowed the sun. Although this statement has no basis, the results of studies of sandy wen larvae show that in their composition they have much in common with the fat of ducks. It is for this reason that sometimes cunning merchants collect sandy wen larvae, grind them into powder and pass them off as expensive spices extracted from duck fat.

Larva of sandy wen
Type Curiosity Sumeru
Location Sumeru Desert
Tunnels of ducks
Description These shells can only be found deep in the desert, where quicksand eels breed. The hardened shell is designed to protect the eel larvae until they finally get used to the scorching heat of the desert.

Larva of sandy wen is a local Curio of Sumeru that can be used as an Ascension material. Most of the larvae are underground near the field boss Unut Seteha.

How to get Sand Wen Grub, Sand Wen Grub location map in Genshin Impact

Sands of al-Azif

Most of the sand Grease chrysalis is located underground, in the Unuta tunnel systems in the Sands of al-Azif!

The Unut Tunnel has many entrances, one of which is right next to the teleport waypoint closest to where the field boss Unut Setekh can be found and challenged!

Craft/recipe, use Sand Wen Grub

Tignari elevation material

Sand Wen Larvae are the material for the rise of the Tignari character. You need 168 pieces to reach level 90.

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