Secret War Genshin Impact – Event Guide

Hidden Strife is a combat event featuring Diluc in Genshin Impact version 2.8. In the guide, we talk about the timing of the Secret War event, how to take part in it, the rules and stages of the event, and all the rewards for completing tasks!

Event Guide for Secret War

Event Information Genshin Impact Secret War

Details of the event with Dilyuk

What is the Secret War?

Hidden Strife is an all-out combat event where you have to defeat enemies within a limited time in specific locations.

● The event consists of seven trials. Starting from the first day, a new one opens every day.

● Each test has two modes – “Vicious Battle” and “Dead End”.

  • achievements of the dendro region

● In the “Vicious battle” mode, three difficulty levels are immediately available – normal, hard and expert. If you complete the challenge on a higher difficulty, you will also receive rewards from previous difficulty levels.

● Dead End mode will unlock after beating Vicious Battle on Expert difficulty.

The event will also present the story of the new Skine Dilyuk, Scarlet Night.

Can you get the Dilyuk skin by participating in the Secret War event?

No, you cannot get the Diluc skin in Secret War. However, you can try trial version outfit during the event!

Stages of the Secret War

All stages of the event

Seven battle stages coming soon!

In total, the event will have seven stages. One stage will open every day for a week from the start of the event.

How to play Secret War

Event Guide Secret War

How to play the Diluca Event
one Learn the backstory of the Dilyuk skin!
2 Go to the event location to start the challenge.
3 Complete the fierce battle and terrible tests of the earth’s arteries!
four Receive Imprinted Might.
5 Check out the anomalous congestion of the earth’s arteries for domain special effects!
6 Defeat enemies within a limited time!

The history of the Dilyuk skin

Secret War Genshin Impact - Event Guide

The event includes a backstory for Dilyuk’s Scarlet Night skin. We will have quests that will explain the meaning of Dilyuk’s outfit and why he does not have a vision in it. Event quests can also serve as unlocking quests for challenges.

In addition to the backstory, we can use the trial version of the Dilyuk skin in the stages!

Go to the Dawn Distillery and go to the specified location

If you meet all the conditions, then you will have the task “Ghosts of the Past”. Paimon wants to buy a bottle or two of the cool, refreshing juice from the Dawn Distillery, so head to the distillery and talk to Adelinda at the entrance.

She will tell you that to make grape juice, you need grapes, which Dilyuk personally selects. But before proceeding with the collection, he needs to solve several problems and he left for the Falcon coast.

Paimon guesses that the “problems” are related to the Order of the Abyss and offered to help find Diluc.

Secret War Genshin Impact - Event Guide
Secret War Genshin Impact - Event Guide

Travel to the Falcon Coast and explore the anomalous congestion of the earth’s arteries

Event Trials

Each challenge has two modes: Vicious Battle and Dead End. Before each test, you can see a list of monsters.

Each challenge has up to three targets. To successfully pass the test, you must complete them all.

For normal mode, it is enough to defeat one strong enemy in 180 seconds, and for the rest, in addition, apply an elemental explosion 6 times.

There are three difficulty levels in Vicious Battle: Normal, Hard, and Expert. To get the source stones, it is enough to pass the test on the normal difficulty level.

To unlock the Dead End mode, you must pass the test on the expert difficulty level. For completing the Dead End, you will receive 4 magic ores of enhancement, but it will be more difficult there.

Event Rewards

For the entire event, you can get 420 Sourcestones and many other rewards.

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