Shadow and Bone season 3 (TV series) – release date for new episodes


The fantasy story Shadow and Bone, based on the novel by Leigh Bardugo, is waiting for a sequel. According to preliminary estimates, the release date of season 3 of Shadow and Bone is scheduled for April 12, 2025.


This film is an adaptation of the work of Lee Bardugo. The first chapter is based on the book of the same name. Also here were borrowed lines from the Six of Crows. The second part will be built using the plot of the next novel in the trilogy – Storm and Storm. How events can develop further, we will find out when the project “Shadow and Bone” Season 3 will be released. Now about what happened before.

In the fantastic universe of Grishavers, there are very dangerous territories inhabited by evil creatures. Only people with certain abilities can control monsters. It is they who are destined to heal others, control nature and work miracles. According to legend, there are special Grisha who have powerful powers. Such magicians are called Sun Summoners. Very soon, people in the Grishavers universe will find out the truth about the girl Alina Starkova. Only she can destroy the darkness and save her country from destruction.

In the episodes of the second part, the main character will go on the run, finding loyal allies. Meanwhile, the worst enemies become even stronger and angrier, gathering the most dangerous army.

It is not yet known whether there will be a season 3 release of Shadow and Bone, but critics are drawing their own conclusions. Given that we are talking about a trilogy, we can assume that the upcoming chapter may be based on the events described in the last book, “The Fall and Rise.”

Who plays the sequel

It still stars Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Amita Soumani and Arcee Renaud. Jake Wolf, Patrick Gibson, Lewis Tan and Anna Leong Brophy will also take part in the project.

Everything about the show

  1. The showrunner of the project is still Eric Heisserer, who hosted the first chapter. According to Lee Bardugo, the writers’ room and the directors managed to create something completely new while staying true to the characters. Unfortunately, the author did not say anything encouraging about the release date of the new episodes in Russia for season 3 of Shadow and Bone, but fans believe in success.
  2. In the books, the main character is a blonde, but the authors decided to invite an actress of Chinese origin to the main role. By the way, for Jess participation in this work is the first major project. Bardugo herself was not against such a free approach of the creators, saying that the world is full of people with different skin colors, which is so lacking on the screens.
  3. Ben Barnes calls his character a powerful man who controls darkness. The actor admits that he was immediately interested in the idea of ​​playing a character who aspires to be something more. Barnes also noted that his character is somewhat different from the book version, since the performer really wanted to keep him human.
  4. After the publication of the first novel of the trilogy, the director of Harry Potter, David Hayman, became interested in its adaptation.

Shadow and Bone season 3 – the exact release date of the series and episodes:

Series name: Shadow and Bone season 3
Release date: 04/12/2025
Number of episodes: 8
Channel: Netflix
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
1 episode April 12, 2025
2 series April 12, 2025
Episode 3 April 12, 2025
Episode 4 April 12, 2025
Episode 5 April 12, 2025
Episode 6 April 12, 2025
Episode 7 April 12, 2025
Episode 8 April 12, 2025

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Trailer “Shadow and Bone” Season 3

Alas, there is no trailer yet. When the official trailer for Shadow and Bone season 3 comes out, we will definitely add it.


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