Shen He Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact: What to Farm for Leveling

Shen He is set to receive his first ever re-banner in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.5 along with Kamisato Ayaka and Mika. She is the 5-star cryo spear character from Li Yue and is arguably the best cryo support character in the game, making her a popular choice to play paired with tops like Gan Yu And Ayaka in freeze commands.

Since many fans are looking forward to getting it with the upcoming update, this article provides a list of all the materials needed to maximize the ascension on Shen He and increase her talent level.

Genshin Impact: Shen He Ascension and Talent Leveling Material List

Depth Dragon False Fin

Depth Dragon False Fin is a Character Ascension Material and can only be obtained by defeating the Vishaps of the Deep. Players should be aware that this enemy is in the Encanomia and can only be unlocked by completing the challenge. Underground dragon and serpent trials.

A total of 46 Depth Dragon False Fins are required to max out Shen He. At world level 8, Vishaps of the Deep only drop two to three False Fins after completing each challenge, so players must defeat them at least 23 times.

Jade Shivada

Jade Shivada It is also the exclusive cryo-exalted material for Genshin Impact. This item can be obtained by defeating various bosses, but most often it is dropped by the same Vishaps of the depths, cryo hypostasis and cryo fern. To maximize Shen He, she will need the following:

  • Shivad Jade Shard x1
  • Shivada Jade Fragment x9
  • Shivada Jade Piece x9
  • Precious Shivada Jade x6

A higher rarity of this item can also be crafted in exchange for three copies of the previous rarity.

qingxin flower

qingxin flower is a local curiosity and can be found all over Li Yue. While there are only 138 plant growth points on the Genshin Impact map, the player will need 168. Other methods to obtain Qingxin flowers are to grow them in The teapot of serenity and purchase from merchants Babak and Travnik Gui.


Nectar is a common item obtained after defeating the Jumpers found in Teyvat. Like the other materials in Genshin Impact, it is also available in three different rarities, and the total amount required for Shen He to max out and level up the talent is:

  • Jumper Nectar x 18 (+18 Talents)
  • Shimmering Nectar x 30 (+66 Talents)
  • Elemental Nectar x 36 (+93 Talents)

Nectars can also be obtained from the Paimon Store for crystals.

Prosperity Talent Books

In Genshin Impact, each character needs Talent Level Up Books to increase their skill level. Like most in-game items, they also come with three different rarities. The total amount needed to get all three of her skills to level 10 is:

  • Prosperity Teachings x 9
  • Prosperity Instructions x 66
  • Philosophy about “Prosperity” x 114

Talent Prosperity Books can only be obtained from Taishanfu Domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Hellfire Butterfly

Hellfire Butterfly is a talent leveling item that can be obtained by defeating the weekly boss Signora in Inazuma. Players must complete the Archons quest All-seeing god, mortal worldto unblock this domain.

Boss farming rewards can only be obtained once per week, and it takes 10 to get all of Shen He’s talents to level 18. Hellfire Butterflies.

Additionally, all Genshin Impact players will also need 420,000 Mora for her to ascend, with an additional 49,57,500 Mora and three With crowns of insight for her talents.

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