Shows similar to The Boys

A selection of series such as Boys. What to watch if you liked the superhero series The Boys.

The Boys is a superhero television series developed by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime Video.

The soup show left an unforgettable aftertaste and it is only natural that many fans of the genre would want to find something similar to get away from the worldly bustle and immerse themselves in the world of superheroes, black humor, a fair amount of vulgarity and epic battles.

Below we offer a selection of series that you must watch if you liked The Boys,

  • What to watch after the series The Boys.  Movies about absurdity and superpowers.

Watchmen 2019

Shows similar to The Boys

Watchmen is an American miniseries based on the comic book of the same name created by Alan Moore. The show takes place in a fictional reality, thirty-four years after the events of the original work’s finale. In the mid-eighties, because of Veidt’s actions, millions of people around the world united to face a common threat. His former comrade Rorschach tried to tell everyone about the atrocities of Ozymandias, but Doctor Manhattan thwarted his plans. However, the diary of the secret avenger turns out to be in the public domain, and people will somehow find out the whole truth about Adrian. In 2019, Rorschach has so-called followers who, using his diaries, start a war against the police and racial minorities …

The Mandalorian 2019

Shows similar to The Boys

A space western series about the Mandalorian race familiar to fans of the popular Star Wars franchise. The series was filmed specifically for the Disney+ streaming service, and the showrunner was Jon Favreau, who has many successful projects created for Disney. The plot tells about the events that took place between the films “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens”.

Doom Patrol 2019

Shows similar to The Boys

Doom Patrol is a live-action adaptation of the DC Comics of the same name. Do not expect the superheroes we are used to in tights, this is a completely different story. An ordinary person, Niels, gathers people in his house who unwittingly acquired strange and somewhat useful abilities. Former movie star Rita Farr is able to increase her body in size so that she can cover the whole city. Her best friend Larry is forced to walk in bandages so as not to kill those around him with radiation, and inside him is a separate personality – the Negative Man. Neighbors with them and Jay with all his many personalities, each of which has its own superpower. From the real Cliff, only the brain remains, carefully invested by Nils in the body of a robot that is not capable of feeling anything. The last to be added to this team is Cyborg, known to everyone from the Justice League.

The Umbrella Academy 2019

Shows similar to The Boys

On October 1, 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth to babies. But they didn’t carry them for 9 months and in the morning they weren’t even pregnant. Each child has superpowers. Eccentric millionaire Reginald Hargreaves buys seven special children and organizes the Umbrella Academy, where he wants to unleash their potential. They must become a close-knit team and prevent the coming apocalypse. The harsh upbringing fills their lives with traumas that the brothers and sisters will not deal with even after 17 years.

The Punisher (Marvel’s The Punisher) 2017 – 2019

Shows similar to The Boys

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a hero named Frank Castle is best known for his nickname The Punisher. As a veteran Marine, he seeks revenge on an unknown group of ruthless killers for the brutal death of his family, which he had to endure after returning home. Soon, in the underworld, a man becomes an implacable fighter for justice, militantly suppressing any manifestations of lawlessness in a huge metropolis.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 2021

Shows similar to The Boys

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a superhero series that continues the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main characters are close friends of Steve Rogers and members of the Avengers team Bucky and Sam. After the departure of Captain America, the shield goes to the Falcon. Together with the Winter Soldier, he continues the work of his comrade-in-arms. The heroes face the aftermath of the war with Thanos that took place in Endgame and confront Baron Zemo. The project will be exclusive to the streaming service of the Disney+ platform.

Altered Carbon 2018 — 2020

Shows similar to The Boys

Altered Carbon is a show for fans of science fiction and futuristic surroundings. The plot develops in the distant future, when humanity was able to overcome death. In this reality, the memory and personality of people are recorded on an external medium. This device can be integrated into the back vertebrae of the neck, so that wealthy citizens are able to constantly change old bodies for new ones and never die. The protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is brought back to life in this strange world to complete an important task.

Barry (Barry) 2018

Shows similar to The Boys

“Barry” is the story of an ex-Marine named Barry Berkman who comes to his Midwestern homeland, gets involved with the underworld, and becomes a hitman. At the same time, he feels lonely and confused, having absolutely no idea where to go next. After his partner Fuchs, who was looking for a job for Barry, gives another assignment, Barry announces his decision to leave this business. Then Fuchs sends him to rest in Los Angeles. And at the same time combine leisure with work.

WandaVision 2021

Shows similar to The Boys

WandaVision is a superhero show based on Marvel’s line of graphic stories. It is known that the plot of the series takes place after the events of the fourth part of the Avengers, when Wanda and the Vision managed to reunite, and Thanos was defeated. Having ended a fierce war to save the universe, a couple of former avengers decide to retire to a small provincial town, away from the noise and numerous admirers. At first, everything goes smoothly: Wanda and Vision are absolutely happy, their life is like a perfect fairy tale with no beginning and no end. However, at some point, the heroes begin to suspect that their world is not at all what it seems.

Loki 2021

Shows similar to The Boys

Loki is a new American show that is part of the larger Marvel superhero universe. The series takes place a few months after the events of Endgame. The protagonist is Thor’s adopted brother, the god of deceit and cunning, who literally miraculously survived the kidnapping of the Tesseract and created a completely new timeline. In this reality, Loki is much more reminiscent of his old version, because he did not go through the events of the sequel and the triquel “Thor”. After acquiring the infinity stone, the hero finds himself in a secret organization that manages time dimensions and begins to change the history of mankind with the help of his unusual abilities and the most valuable artifact.

Titans 2018

Shows similar to The Boys

In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is best known for being Batman’s sidekick for a long time. Fighting enemies, they dealt with crime together on the streets of Gotham. Now, after some disagreements with a friend, it’s time for Robin to move on his own path. The Hero joins forces with Rachel Roth, Garfield Logan and Corey Anders and forms a new team of superheroes. Fearless fighters will have to face a series of dangers and fight real evil.

Invincible 2021

Shows similar to The Boys

Unbreakable is a multi-episode animated show produced by the Amazon streaming platform. The plot revolves around a seventeen-year-old boy named Mark Grayson, who learns that his biological father is one of the most powerful superheroes in the whole wide world. In the course of events, the main character realizes that he received part of his parent’s superpowers by inheritance. But how to deal with them? Mark has no idea how to control all these abilities. And even more so, the hero does not know that very soon there will be a great danger on the threshold of his house …

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