Sink out of place Genshin Impact – How to find lost shells

The Shell Is Missing is a Genshin Impact quest in which you have to find lost shells in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Our guide will guide you through all the stages of the task and help you get all the rewards for completing it.

Note: The quest takes place on the islands Golden Apple Archipelago and will no longer be available after the end of the version Genshin Impact 2.8. Based on this, remember that all the tasks that you find in the Archipelago must be completed as soon as possible and you have about 40 days for everything about everything.

Where to get the world quest The Sink is out of place and what are the requirements to access it

You need to talk to Fatui in the camp to get the peace quest Sink out of place.

  • paymon

Where to find lost shells and complete the world quest The shell is not in the place of Genshin Impact.

• Talk to Fatui in the camp

  • Agafya: Yakov, Yakov! This is your favorite song…
  • Agafya: Well, Yakov woke up?
  • Zakhar: No, Agafya. No reaction.
  • Agafya: When I sang this song, especially on the lines: “Summer has passed and the flowers have flown around, you left, leaving me empty blizzards” …
  • Agafya: On these lines, tears always welled up in him … Why is he not reacting now?
  • Agafya: Oh… Zakhar: I cooked his favorite soup. I myself am already salivating from the aromas, but he doesn’t even lead with his ear.
  • Chevka: Agafya, I understand! Most of all, Jacob wants his father to return. Should I pretend to be his father?
  • Agafia: Shut up! I do not want to talk to you! I shouldn’t have let Jacob go with you!
  • Chevka: Agafya, it’s not my fault. You know it’s all an experiment.
  • Agafya: Oh, Yakov, poor thing…
  • Paimon: Well, how does Jacob not react to anything?
  • Agafya: Ah, it’s you… Yes, as you can see, everything hasn’t changed.
  • Agafya: What should we do now? If he returns to Snizhnaya like this, he will be expelled from Fatui.

And what’s wrong with that? That sounds good.

  • Agafya: #Well? We told you everything we knew. Did you {M#found}{F#found} a way to wake Jacob up?

Tell me about checking the signal …

Tell me about Zahra…

Tell me about the photo…

I’m still understanding…

  • Chevka: #Oh, how can I be with Yakov? {NICKNAME}, any ideas?

Why did you become Fatui?

Tell me about Jacob… Nothing yet…YakovYakov: Why did you leave me alone? Father, why?(Looks like he still hasn’t woken up…)

  • Zakhar: Oh, Yakov… It would be nice if Yakov would come to his senses soon…
  • Zakhar: Although our instructors taught us that Fatui are soldiers of the Snow, who must be ready to sacrifice themselves for a higher goal, and that we must not give in to unnecessary emotions…
  • Zakhar: But we are always together, day and night… I may not be very smart, but is it really true that there are people who do not feel anything for their comrades at all?

Explore the camp

  • Paimon: #{NICKNAME}, look at the sink on the drawer…
  • Paimon: It looks like shells we’ve seen somewhere before. Let’s watch…

Talk to Fatui at the camp and collect clues

Find lost shells

Talk to Paimon

  • Paimon: Hmm, the image is right in the center of the scene.
  • Paimon: What are those two doing? It looks like one is saying something while the other is sitting on the floor…
  • Paimon: Paimon knows! They get ready for bed, so she tells the bedtime story to the man sitting on the ground.

Fatui can’t sleep without a bedtime story?

Put the sinks back in place

Wake Jacob


Adventure Experience x 400
Source Stone x 50
Mora x 30000
Hero XP x 3
Arcane Enhancement Ore x 6

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