Skills and talents Colley Genshin Impact

Description Colley Genshin Impact, her greeting, general stats, combat talents, and passive.

A huge leak has revealed much-anticipated information about Colley, a Genshin Impact character that players can see in Genshin Impact version 3.0 with the release of Sumeru. So, here’s what we know:

Greeting Colley

“Forest Ranger in training, Collei, has come to duty! I will ensure your safety while traveling through the forest! Phew, finally I was able to pronounce this intro. I hope I said it right…”

  • Map of Sumeru Genshin Impact

General characteristics of Colley

  • Name: Kolley
  • Rarity: 4★
  • Element: Dendro
  • Weapon: Bow

Combat Talents

• Throws a boomerang that deals damage to Dendro, both during the throw and during the return

• Throws a small mechanical cat buddy that explodes dealing AoE damage to Dendro
• After the explosion, the cat remains on the field, continuing to inflict Dendro area damage

Passive Talent
• Reduces the active character’s stamina consumption while flying by 20%.

It is worth noting that in addition to the image of the archon, the following information was leaked to the network:

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