Skin view of Dilyuk from Genshin Impact 2.8 leaked online

In anticipation live broadcast updates Genshin Impact 2.8 verified gacha game informants revealed skin on Dilyuk. Its release should take place in a future version 2.8, which will begin July 13.

insider Tighnariloveer posted a tweet that showcases an image of the skin Dilyuk In his best:

Looks epic!

The image is fully consistent with early leaks and confirmed by many insiders, which means that the picture is most likely genuine.

  • Map of Sumeru Genshin Impact

Dilyuk’s hair is styled in a high ponytail, the dark cape is replaced by a red jacket with long skirts. Perhaps this costume is related to Eye of Corruptionreceived from the father. According to the plums, the skin is called Red cover of the night (Red dead night).

The skin will be paid, its price will be approximately 1980/2480 creation crystals (patch 2.8/next versions). It’s more expensive than the Genie and Ke Qing outfits, as it has an extra rest animation with a scroll and tweaked animation effects.

What do you think of Dilyuk’s new look? Will you buy such a skin? Read about skin for Fischl, plums about version 2.8 and follow news on Genhsin Impact on our website.

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