Song Leading the Dark Path: Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough


AT Genshin Impact Song leading down the dark path is the eighth quest in the chain assignments dream nursery to Sumeru, in which you need to find a hidden song, unblock the road and immerse yourself in the dream of Vasara. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Song leading down the dark path.


How to start the quest A song that leads the dark path of Genshin Impact


Passage of the quest A song that leads along a gloomy path.

Dream Nursery: Aranyaka. Volume II

  • Head to the indicated location to find clues about the Ashwatthi Hall
  • Talk to Arama
  • Look at the Twilight Roses to find the hidden song.
  • Play music according to the pattern of roses
  • Talk to Arama and Arayasa
  • Go to the specified location
  • Unblock the road using the Song of the Dark Path
  • Step on the dark forest road
  • Eliminate the Wither Zone
  • Explore the trees inside Ashwattha Hall
  • Talk to Arama
  • Immerse yourself in Vasara’s dream and talk to Arama
  • Explore Vasara’s Dream
  • Check out the wasara
  • Talk to Arama

Quest rewards A song that leads the dark path

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