Strange Deserted Road Kazuha’s Legends Quest Guide

Strange Deserted Road

Walkthrough “Strange Deserted Road“, Kazuha’s legends quest in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the quest, find aura clues, and grant the sword’s wish.

Character information.

Story quest Red Maple

red maple

Chapter 2
Genshin - Act 3
Chapter 3


Strange empty road

Legend Quest:
Strange empty road
Adventure Rank 40
Quest giving character Kaedehara Kazuha
Volume Red maple. Chapter I
Number of quests 3

How to start “What the stars of this world say”

  • Reach Adventure Rank 40.
  • Complete the Archons quest Chapter 2: Act 3
  • Complete the first story quest Shogun Raiden
  • Get 1 legend key.

To unlock Legend Quests, you need to earn World Reputation. You can improve your reputation by:

  • Completing the required antecedents
  • Reaching the required Adventure Rank
  • Using the Key of Legends to unlock the quest

How to get Legend Keys

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 26, for every 8 daily quests completed, the player will receive a Key of Legends. A player can have no more than 3 keys at a time.

  • mona

Passage of “Red Maple. Chapter I: Strange deserted road»

Purple shade in the calm plains

Go to the Byakko Plain quest location and defeat the Surprise Attacker.

Go to the docks on Rito Island and ask Chao about Kazuha.

Enter the Tenre Commission Headquarters in Inazuma City to find and speak with Kazuha.

Name in the fog

Look for Ryuuji near Amenoma’s forge in Inazuma City. Talk to him to get hints.

Walk to Amenomu’s Forge and talk to Amenomu Togo, the old man standing in front of the blacksmith.

Head to Nagato’s house and talk to Nagato Sachiko to investigate further. She will tell you about the fire in the warehouse.

Teleport to the warehouse waypoint, which is located near the city of Inazuma. Have Kazuha do a few more investigations.

Follow the dark blue-green clouds to the quest markers. This is the scent trail you must follow. It’s actually pretty easy, as your next location is also marked on your map! Keep following the scent until you see a group. This is the scent trail you must follow. It’s actually pretty easy, as your next location is also marked on your map!

Defeat the Hilichurls to continue your search.

Start following the scent to another island. This time you will need to complete a quick and easy slide course. Just use the air currents to propel you to the next location.

Defeat the attacker one more time to continue the mission.

End of the road

Go to the sword testing site next to Kamisato Manor. This is a quest domain called “Occupied Hold” inside the cave, behind the wooden planks.

Defeat enemies only with the trial version of Kazuha. Kazuha is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, so it should be pretty easy, but you shouldn’t forget to dodge from time to time because you don’t have shields.

After defeating all opponents and listening to the conversation between Kazuha and the Cursed Sword, talk to Kazuha again.

Exit the quest dungeon and go to the quest marker in Byakko Plain.

Defeat Amenoma Yuei using only Kazuha’s Trial. We recommend fighting him in the water so that you get extra damage by triggering the hydro storm effect.

Return to the Amenoma Forge in Inazuma City, speak with Kazuha and end the cutscene.

Head to the next quest marker in Inazuma City and look for Kujou Kamaji. Listen to his conversation with Kazuha to complete the Story Quest!


Obtain Kagotsurube Isshin’s sword from Kazuha’s story quest

After completing Kazuha’s full quest, you will receive the Cursed Blade that was featured in the story. The sword is called “Kagotsurube Isshin”.

Adventure Experience x 1725
Mora x 113225
Hero XP x 13
Arcane Enhancement Ore x 25
Source Stone x 60
Diligence Directions x 5
Kagotsurube Isshin x 1

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