The 5 Most Shocking Moments From The Boys Season 3

From the first minutes, the 3rd season of The Boys surprised with the bloodiest, funniest and most twisted show. From Herogasm to Big Revelation, these are five of the most shocking moments in a superhero series. AHEAD SPOILERS

The Boys proud of his shocking moments. When the first season aired back in 2019, the nightmarish scene of Patriot and Maeve on the plane spread through wary word of mouth. Besides, who can forget how Charlotte (Popclaw) crushed her landlord’s head during an orgasm?

Season 2 also featured Homelander making love to himself, a crying whale impaled by a speedboat, a giant love sausage, and Congressional hearings culminating in massive head explosions.

Basically, The Boys has always been a crazy spectacle, but season 3 added a few more unforgettable scenes.

5 Most Shocking Moments in The Boys Season 3

Naturally, there were a few moments that didn’t make the top five. These include: Hughie and Butcher get powers; Homelander kills Supersonic and forces the woman to jump off the roof of the house; Homelander no longer cares about aircraft video; Butcher sleeps with Maeve; Brief masturbatory appearance of Seth Rogen with Alla Countess; and Kimiko’s dildo.

Season 3 is a masterpiece, so this isn’t a snub of any of those moments – it’s just the five that shocked us more than the others.

5. Soldier – the father of the Patriot

Soldier and Homelander are father and son.

The penultimate episode brought one stunning twist: Soldier, Vought’s All-American hero who was sent to Russia to make room for Homelander, “passed a sperm sample” in the 80s and unwittingly became a father. Yes, Soldier is Patriot’s father.

Both characters are terrible in their own way: Soldier Boy is a living statue with outdated, problematic views and extreme paranoia; while Homelander quickly becomes a narcissistic god.

4 Patriot Kills Black Noir

Homelander and Black Noir seemed to reconcile, but it didn't last long.

The presence of Black Noir in The Boys has always sparked controversy, but Season 3 served as its most tragic part. Let’s be clear, his reprehensible actions throughout his career in “Voight» were not redeemed, but we learned more about his past; in particular, how he betrayed Toy Soldier, who beat him to a pulp and left him permanently disfigured.

This explains why Black Noir has always served the Patriot so faithfully, but his one omission turned out to be his biggest mistake. When he told Humlander that he knew that Soldier was his father, Patriot turned him inside out, Superman and Joker style.

3 Deep One Eats Timothy

The Abyss was forced to eat an octopus begging for its life.

Abyss (Deep One) has always been a bit of an unlucky soup and has had no shortage of weird moments this season. However, one of the most disturbing scenes happened in episode 3 after his return to The Seven.

Sitting at a table with his comrades, the Patriot hosts a seafood feast that culminates in a live octopus just for the Deep One. He pleads with Homelander, saying that he can hear “Timothy” plead for a life. Alas, he gets through it by stuffing his tentacles into his mouth with sushi chopsticks, his ink dripping from his mouth.

2. All Herogasm

MM flooded in Gerogasma.

It’s been two weeks since Herogasm appeared on our screens, and his pictures are still fresh in the minds of fans. The infamous superhero orgy has been highly anticipated by fans, known as one of the most depraved, graphic storylines in any comic book. Eric Kripke made some changes to the show, but he delivered NSFW merchandise.

On top of all the sex, with MM soaked in jiz and Abyss having sex with an octopus, it was the setting for one of the greatest superhero fights on screen: Soldier, Butcher, and Hughie fight Homelander and almost defeat him. It will be remembered as one of the defining events of the show.

1. Thermite explodes in her boyfriend’s penis

The Termite scene is still the most shocking moment of The Boys.

For all of Season 3’s gory violence and rock-solid moments, it never overshadowed the first episode’s crotch-clinging incredulity. Even against Herogasm, The Termite’s terrifying opening scene marked a new high for TV deaths.

Secluded in a room with her boyfriend, Termite (a version of Ant-Man) snorted some cocaine, shrunk in size and crawled inside his partner’s penis to please him. Despite his best efforts to keep from sneezing, the result was the gruesome death of a man, left split in half with his entrails dropping off the bed onto the floor.

The Boys Season 3 is now available to stream in its entirety on Prime Video.

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