The birth of a new life: Passing the quest Genshin Impact


AT Genshin Impact The birth of a new life is the twelfth quest in the chain assignments dream nursery in Sumeru, in which you help with the arrangement of the Utsava Festival. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. The birth of a new life.


How to start the quest The birth of a new life Genshin Impact


Passage of the task The birth of a new life.

Speak with Arakavi in ​​Vanaran and help arrange the Utsava Festival

  • Go to the nursery cared for by Aranakula
  • Talk to Aranakula

Rewards for the quest Birth of a New Life

  • Adventure XP x100
  • Primogems x20
  • Mora x10000

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The continent of Teyvat, full of life, was created by the confluence of seven elements, and it is ruled by seven Archons… You are standing in clouds of dust under the sky of an alien world. You are brother and sister brought here by the journey. But suddenly your twin is kidnapped by an unknown deity, and you fall into a deep sleep. You wake up in a completely unfamiliar place


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