The Hero King Reincarnated – Season 1 New Episode Schedule (ep 1-12)

The reincarnated hero king who became the strongest apprentice of the knight is already on the air and we have a schedule for the release of all new episodes of season 1 of the anime that is gaining popularity.

And again the story of rebirth, but unusual – the hero dreamed of becoming a warrior, but became a little girl. To find out how this happened, wait for the premiere of the anime about the king who became the strongest student of the knight or read our description below. We talk about the plot, release date and production.

Amazing transformation from king-knight to cute girl

The deeds of the eccentric goddess of rebirth are often seasoned with a bit of absurdity. The wise and just king Iglis fully felt the whim of the goddess Alistia. After all, the gray-haired sovereign, unexpectedly for himself, was reborn in the body of a little girl, which was the beginning of the legend about the strongest and most beautiful student of the knight. The new family is directly related to the knightly order, but the girl has to deal with many prohibitions and the physical limitations of a weak body. Fortunately, the king managed to save important memories and knowledge, which is enough to overcome all barriers.

To begin with, Lady Inglis Eucus uses her wits to secure the inconspicuous position of squire. This small step provided the necessary freedom and the ability to choose a mentor, so far secretly from everyone. It remains only to find a way to circumvent the taboo that prohibits girls from receiving a knighthood. But what if you become the strongest student of the knight and break the unjust system?


Little is known about the painting process. The basis for the tape was the light novel of the same name. The director of the novelty was Naoyuki Kuzuya, and the music was taken up by Kenta Higashioji. The production of the tape was entrusted to Studio Comet.

We will find out the rest of the details during the viewing. Now we are sure of one thing: the reincarnated hero king after the anime release date will become the strongest disciple of the knight. A how it will end for the titular character will be known later.

Release schedule for all episodes

Original name: Eiyuuou, Bu wo Kiwameru Tame Tenseisu
Series number Premier dates
Release date: 09/01/2023
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: Studio Comet
Genre: Action, Fantasy
1 episode January 9, 2023
2 series January 16, 2023
Episode 3 January 23, 2023
Episode 4 January 30, 2023
Episode 5 February 6, 2023
Episode 6 February 13, 2023
Episode 7 February 20, 2023
Episode 8 February 27, 2023
Episode 9 March 6, 2023
Episode 10 March 13, 2023
Episode 11 March 20, 2023
Episode 12 March 27, 2023

Trailer Hero King Reincarnated

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