The Seven Pillars Raised by the Wisdom of Genshin Impact

The Seven Pillars Erected by Wisdom in Genshin Impact is the first quest in a series of quests in the new area of ​​the Sumeru Desert Panikhida Bilcis. In the task, we will meet again with the already matured Jeht, get acquainted with the matriarch of the Tanit tribe and start searching for a place from legends, the Oasis of Eternity.


How to start Seven Pillars of Wisdom quest

In order to start the quest Seven Pillars Erected by Wisdom, you must complete a large quest in the Sumeru Desert golden land of dreams and explore the desert temples, including the majestic Haj Nisut.

After passing the Golden Land of Dreams, you will receive a letter from Jecht, which must be taken from Katherine in Sumeru. From now on, the quest Seven Pillars Erected by Wisdom will appear in your quest log.

Walkthrough Seven Pillars Erected by Wisdom in Genshin Impact

Katerina, the secretary of the Sumeru Adventurer’s Guild branch, seems to have some business with you..

Looks like Katerina has something to do with you…
Travel to the Tanit tribe and find Jeht
Speak with the tribe’s scout
Talk to Aderfi
Talk to Masseira
Talk to Yuften
Go to meet the tribal matriarch
Talk to Babel
Together with Jeht, help Yuften
Feed the crocodiles with Jeht
Talk to Jeht
Feed the crocodiles with Jeht
Talk to Jeht
Return to Yuften
Pass the goods to Aderfi
Head to Jacht’s house
Talk to Jeht

Jecht needs help to solve “some unfinished business”. Venue – territory of the Tanit tribe.

Travel to the Tanit tribe and find Jeht

To unlock the new desert area, unlock the Statue of the Seven Archons that spawned in the north of the region.

As soon as you leave the area of ​​the Statue, scouts will appear.

After interacting with the first Archon Statue of the new area, get the achievement “Continental Explorer: Burning Desert Dreams II» and unlock the location Camp Tanit.

Talk to the tribe’s scouts. From the conversation, you will learn that Jacht has not yet returned from the mission. Fortunately, there are other representatives within the tribe who “know how to talk with strangers.” It’s time to visit them.

Talk to the campers

Not all residents of the Tanith tribe are friendly to strangers in the role of the Traveler and Paimon, but there are those who are ready to provide support:

  • Aderfi will find at the tent, not far from the place where the conversation with the scouts took place. The man is ready to greet strangers, but he is clearly negative about the fact that Jecht communicates with strangers.
  • masseira stands near the wooden bridge. He is one of the few who treated the newcomers with respect.
  • Yuften met by the streamwhere representatives of the tribe breed crocodiles. After a quick but warm speech about Jecht, the man immediately sends the Traveler talk to Babel.

Go to meet the tribal matriarch

After finishing the conversation with the three representatives of Tanith, pay a visit to Babel. She will pass judgment on the thief in the upper tier of the camp. A conversation with the stern leader will reveal that the Traveler and Paimon were able to freely reach their territory thanks to her. She will ask for help in assisting Jeht in solving a new task.

Together with Jeht, help Yuften

Go down to the mouth of the river with crocodiles, where Yuften stands. He will give you fresh meat.

Next to Yuften’s tent is the first feeding point for crocodiles.

Feed the crocodiles with Jeht

Further along the river stands Jeht and feeds the crocodiles. The exact location is highlighted with a marker

Pass the goods to Aderfi

Yuften asks for another favor: the man promised Aderfi to bring dried crocodile meat. Move again to the Statue of the Seven Archons, which goes around the territory of the Tanith camp.

Thus, you will quickly get to Aderfi, acquaintance with which passed after a conversation with scouts.

Head to Jacht’s house

When all business is done, visit the Jecht tent, which is located in the western part Tanith camps.

From a conversation with the Hermit, the Traveler learns that Matriarch Babel agreed to transfer the ashes of Father Jeht to the Oasis of Eternity. Paimon assumed that this place was a mere legend, however, as it turned out, it actually exists. We’ll have to go looking for him.

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Successful completion of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom quest earns the following rewards:

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