The Spy Family season 3 – release date, schedule for new episodes of Spy x Family

The Spy Family season 3, detailed information about the appearance of new episodes of the popular anime.

Ongoing series The Spy Family (Spy × Family), is about to finish its season 2, and fans are already wondering if the series has been renewed for season 3 and when the production company Spy × Family confirms the season 3 renewal status.

Therefore, we have collected all the information from various sources regarding the upcoming season of the popular comedy series “Spy family“. For all the latest updates, keep reading this article.

Will Spy Family season 3 be renewed or cancelled?

Anime, which follows the adventures of the Spy family, was a huge hit with viewers. But with ratings plunging in recent months, some are wondering if the show will be renewed for another season. Fortunately, there will be a third season! We don’t have secret agents who could figure out the release date for Season 3 of Spy Family, but we have good analysts and the premiere date for the new episode is August 26, 2023!.

Season 3 production The Spy Family

The film is based on the manga by Tatsuya Endo, which has been released since 2019. In November 2021, it was announced that the graphic novel will be adapted to the screens. The film was directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, and the characters were designed by Kazuaki Shimada. We saw their efforts in April 2022and then again in October.

On December 18, the bosses issued a statement that they had already begun developing a sequel. The animation project, as before, will be based on the manga. The command will remain. Furuhashi, as before, will take the post of director, and will also act as a screenwriter for the film.

The sequel has been announced and now the spy family is waiting for the release date of season 3. And what adventures will this turn out to be for an unusual couple and their “daughter”, find out after the start of the show.

Season 3 episode schedule The Spy Family

Original name: Spy x Family
Series number Premier dates
Release date: 26/08/2023
Number of episodes: 12+
Channel: wit studio
Genre: Action, Anime, Comedy
Season 3 Episode 1 August 26, 2023
season 3 episode 2 September 2, 2023
season 3 episode 3 September 9, 2023
Season 3 Episode 4 September 16, 2023
Season 3 Episode 5 September 23, 2023
Season 3 Episode 6 September 30, 2023
Season 3 Episode 7 2023
Season 3 Episode 8 2023
Season 3 Episode 9 2023
Season 3 Episode 10 2023
Season 3 Episode 11 2023
Season 3 Episode 12 2023

Trailer for the anime “Spy Family”

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