The Truth About Fish Fear Me Women Want Me: Why This Phrase Is So Popular

Saying “fish fear me, women want me” is a popular phrase used to describe the dominance of a male. The saying has been around for decades and it remains one of the most iconic phrases to date. But what does “fish fear me, women want me” really mean? It means that you are so attractive that other men are afraid of you because they know that women will be drawn to you. It also means that you are so desirable that women are attracted to you. This doesn’t just apply to your looks either. It can also be about how successful or confident you are as well. Here, are some ways to use this popular phras

What Does “Fish Fear Me, Women Want Me” Mean?

You Are Respected By Other Men To some men, it means that you are respected and admired by other men, which is good news. It shows that you are a successful and worthy man, which is also good news. You Are A Successful & Valuable Man “Fish fear me, women want me” is a phrase that focuses on your ability to succeed. It implies that other men find you desirable, which is also good news. People will respect and admire you if you can make it in your career. If you are a man with a big career and an equally big presence in the bedroom, women will be attracted to you. You Are Successful To some men, it means that you are a successful man. This can be a compliment in the sense that you are respected, admired, and successful. You have the ability to attract other men and women alike.

Where Did the Phrase Come From?

It comes from the Irish phrase “cheas na nginig mam mam” meaning “put fear into my heart”. It was initially used when fishermen were working in the rough seas. To prevent their boats from capsizing, they would refer to a particularly large fish as “the beast” and refer to any upcoming dangers by referring to the monster as that particular fish. And the only way to stop the danger is to “fish fear me, women want me.” It was in the 1500s that it became popularized in the Western world. In The Hands of The Internet It’s no surprise that the saying became so popular on the internet. It’s something that’s super easy to share, and is guaranteed to make someone laugh.

How to Use This Phrase

Women are attracted to someone who is confident. They are most attracted to men who are successful, yet not arrogant. They are most attracted to men who are confident enough to let other men know that they are attractive to other women. You can use this phrasing by giving out a compliment to a woman that she doesn’t expect or to someone that you are out with. Your compliments can be as simple as, “You look great tonight” or “I love the way you walk.” By using this phrase, you can make the girl feel even more special. How to Use This Phrase In a Conversation You can also use this phrase to initiate conversation. If you see a girl that you think looks good, you can say, “Hey, fish fear me, women want me” and give her a compliment.

More Examples of “Fish Fear Me, Women Want Me”

“He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and women fall at his feet when he walks into a room.” “She couldn’t keep her hands off of him. I could tell she was just as attracted to him as he was to her.” “I love that this guy has this car because he works hard for it and keeps it immaculate. I would be excited to drive it.” “I’m the luckiest woman in the world. My husband is an incredible man, and everyone around me knows it.” “That girl had it all. She was successful, attractive, and just oozed confidence. Men were crazy to talk to her.” “I knew there was something about him the first time I saw him. The way his hair was styled, the way he walked, his jawline…” “That tall, handsome guy with the sparkling personality?


No matter what your goal is, we all want to be successful. It may be your family’s success or your individual success. So if you want to be a success in both areas, you need to be confident. But if you want to attract women, you need to be confident. And if you want to be a success in your marriage, you need to be confident. Confidence doesn’t matter if you don’t have it, but if you do, then you will be perceived as strong, confident, and successful. That’s all a woman wants, as you can see from the post.

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