Through smoke and dark woods. Volume III. Chapter I – Walkthrough of the Genshin Impact Archons Quest


AT Genshin Impact Through smoke and dark woods Volume III. Chapter I is the task of the Archons, and you will have to visit Sumeru and unravel the first mysteries of the region’s dendro. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Through smoke and dark woods.


How to start the quest Through the smoke and dark forests Genshin Impact

Reach Adventure Rank 35 or higher.
Complete the Archon quest Requiem of Echoing Depths.

Passage of the task Through the smoke and dark forests.

Forest of Change – how to get to Sumeru

You and Paimon arrive in Sumeru and look for a way to get an audience with the Lesser Lord Kusanali…

  • Head to the lands of Dendro Archon
  • Go further through the forest
  • Stealthily follow the silent passerby
  • Observe the situation in the cave
  • Follow the voice
  • Keep following the voice
  • Explore the setting

Head to the lands of Dendro Archon

Starting a task Through smoke and dark woods You will find yourself in the Breach, in the Cinnabar Bluff location, where a new teleport point has appeared with the release of the update. It is located next to the statue of the Seven Archons. From it, turn around to face the old Chow’s hut, located on the cliff on the opposite side of the abyss and jump down.

archon statue
way to teleport

Soar to the very bottom and activate the teleportation point. You can now enter Sumeru through the mountain pass that starts right from the fast travel point.

Go further through the forest

Further observation You have not yet begun to properly master the Gandharva and restore health, but you can ask Kollei a couple of questions. •Find Collei
•Check the street lights along the path
•Check the street lights along the path
•Check the street lights along the path
•Go to the statue of the seven Archons
•Climb to the top of the cliff
• Enter into resonance with the statue of Dendro Archon
•Look at the Dendro Archon statue in front of you.
•Meet Collei
•Return to Gandharva
•Wait 08:00 next day
Chronic illness Yesterday didn’t end well, so you and Paimon decided to visit the Colleys. •Visit Collei
•Follow Tignari to discuss details elsewhere
•Talk to Tignari
• Gather herbs with Tignari
•Collect fresh nilotpala lotus nearby
•Meet Tignari
•Talk to Amir
•Go to the Withering Zone
•Help Tignari clear the Wither Zone
•Talk to Tignari
•Return to Gandharva
•Go save Hypasia
Silent seeker of knowledge According to Tignari, Academy researcher Hypasia, who lives alone in the forest, is the right person to ask questions about Irminsul. • Find Hypasia
•Visit Hypasia
•Penetrate through the mist
• Go ahead, go through the hollow
•Try to get to the special hole
•Explore the ancient room
•Keep looking for a way to the upper level of the hollow
•Explore the courtyard at the back of the corridor
• Explore the corridor on the other side
•Go to the upper platform
•Defeat the Herald of the Void
•Fight the Herald of the Void
• Bring Hypasia to life
•Cook food on the fire
• Treat Hypasia with cooked food
•Talk to Hypasia
•Return to Gandharva
•Say goodbye to Collei
In the footsteps of the god of wisdom You and Paimon finally made it to Sumeru. Can you find a way to meet Dendro Archon? •Go to the city of Sumeru
•Visit Rochavi
•Go to the Adventurer’s Guild and ask Katerina for help
•Go to the Citadel of Regzar and look for Asfand
•Find the girl who knows about the lesser ruler Kusanali
•Help Dunyarzada distract the mercenaries chasing her
•Catch up with Dunyarzada
•Enter the tavern
•Relax in the tavern
•Go to the Grand Bazaar
• Follow Neela to look at the stage.
•Walk around the Grand Bazaar
•Walk around the Grand Bazaar
•Walk around the Grand Bazaar
•Walk around the Grand Bazaar
•Walk around the Grand Bazaar
•Talk to Katerina
•Go to the entrance of Regzar’s Citadel to wait for Daehyu
Lost in abundance After learning that the missing Academy item may have something to do with the Archons, you suggest that Paimon set off. Where? In Port Ormos. •Go to Port Ormos
•Ask merchants nearby
•Eavesdrop on the conversation of the students of the Academy
•Go to the tavern “Jafar”
•Find a place to sit and wait for the Hermits
•Learn information from Hermits
•Catch up with al-Haytham
•Find a less crowded place to continue the conversation with al-Haytham
•Meet informant Dory
•Together with Raunak, go to the warehouse
•Talk to Raunak
•Run after Raunak
•Run after Raunak
•Run after Raunak
•Find someone who is talking
So close As agreed, you have earned Dory’s trust. Now it’s time to discuss matters with al-Haytham. •Go to the “Filbert” wicala and look for al-Haytham there
•Go out of town to test the Knowledge Capsule
•Start your first combat test
•Talk to al-Haytham
•Use the Knowledge Capsule from inventory
•Talk to al-Haytham
•Complete a second combat test
•Ask al-Haytham about the test results
•Wait two days until 07:00 am
•Ask Dory about the location of the Archon’s Knowledge Capsule
• Tell al-Haytham what you learned
•Head to the appointed place
•Exchange barbs with members of Ain al-Ahmar
•Talk to al-Haytham

Quest rewards Through smoke and dark woods


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