The Truth Behind the Crying Cat Meme: What You Didn’t Know 2022

The internet has a love-hate relationship with cats. They’re the perfect subjects for memes and hilarity, but they also have a dark side. The crying cat meme is one example where we can see how cats are viewed as both cute and evil. It’s not just the crying cat that shows this discrepancy between reality and perception. Cats are seen as lazy, solitary creatures who only care about themselves when in reality they’re just intelligent enough to know when it’s best to take a break from humans! Learn the truth behind these cuddly creatures by reading on.

The Crying Cat Meme

The crying cat meme has been popular for years. The thing that makes this meme so controversial, however, is the assumption that cats can’t cry. Not to downplay this idea, because some cats do suffer from psychological disorders and cannot speak, but there’s no scientific basis to the cry vs. non-cry assumption. In fact, some studies show that, on average, most cats only cry when humans are watching them.

An especially viral variation of this meme claims to be scientifically proven and has even been tested on a group of cats! The results showed that all cats, no matter what kind, would cry when they were being touched or in an enclosed space with other cats.

How do cats really feel about humans?

Do Cats Care About Us? Cats are wild animals. As such, they need to make contact with humans in order to survive. We give them shelter, food, and water, and are kind enough to give them a little bit of extra attention when they want it. Cats also appreciate a peaceful environment in which they can sleep, eat, play, and socialize without being bothered.

There are, however, some things that cats won’t put up with that are very annoying to humans. Cats love to play, but they don’t like playing when it’s taken too seriously. If you act like you’re a killjoy, they’ll respect you as an equal! Some cats like to get up early and sleep during the day, so you don’t have to worry about waking them up with your buzzing gadgets.

Cats are evil, right?

Not at all! Cats do lots of amazing things – like learning to use computers! Yes, it’s true. The BBC reported that some cat owners have been very surprised to discover that their pets know how to use a keyboard. Another story describes how a cat was named the lead programmer of an online game designed for people learning to type. Sure, they are lazy and that’s the perception – but they are intelligent and social animals.

They have personalities, and so they’re just as social as dogs are. They’re not afraid of human interaction, and prefer humans to other cats! Cats are more friendly than you might think. They don’t make a fuss, or try to hurt you – although some are very protective. You can read more about cats’ characteristics on Cat Savers, the UK’s largest pet-finding website.

How do cats really react to the internet?

Cats rely on people for the majority of their food, shelter, and water. They spend most of their time in the comfort of our homes, so it’s not easy for them to stand up for themselves. This is especially the case for kittens, who need the constant attention of their parents. Without constant attention, a kitten may not have the instinctive survival skills they need to thrive and survive alone in the wild.

At the same time, a cat feels that if it’s unable to communicate with other humans it could be considered an outsider in its own home. This is why the internet is so dangerous for cats. Many cats feel a false sense of security in these spaces and socialise with the humans. They can slowly forget that they’re still feral animals who need to keep humans at a distance. Why do cats cry?


Cats are beautiful creatures who are filled with love, but sometimes their true nature can be seen as a different from that portrayed in internet memes. It may not always be easy to take a moment to think about what you think you know and how things are actually viewed in the real world, but it’s always worth it!

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