Twisted Abyss Genshin Impact 3.2 – Floor 12, Enemies, Details

The Genshin Impact community continues to receive new leaks about the upcoming game update version 3.2, and the latest news has revealed the line of mobs for the Twisted Abyss for the upcoming patch.

The Twisted Abyss is the only combat algorithm in the final game of Genshin Impact. Players clear floors for a limited time to earn Primogems and other rewards. To be successful, they must use the right characters to create a powerful team, otherwise you have nothing to do on the upper floors.

However, with the enemy roster leaked, it will be a lot easier for players to prepare better teams to clear harder levels with ease. Below is a detailed overview of the merged 3.2 Twisted Abyss enemy containment scheme.

Genshin Impact 3.2: Latest Leaks Reveal Twisted Abyss 12th Floor And More

Reliable Sources Revealed Upcoming Enemy Lineups for The Twisted Abyss in Version 3.2 for Genshin Impact. These leaks primarily revealed opponents for the 12th and 11th Floors, with the Reddit post above showing the former. Information suggests that a new boss has been added to the Twisted Abyss, making it difficult for players to clear difficult levels.

Floor 12 Hall 1

The first half will feature Thundercraven Rifthound and Riftwhelps, where players will need to use electro attacks to reduce enemy resistance and make it easier to deal damage.

Thunder Manifestation (Thunder Manifestation) will appear in the second half. Even though the attack patterns are easy to read and dose, the boss tends to move around a lot. Hence, players are encouraged to use bow-based characters to make it easier to track and damage the boss.

Floor 12 Hall 2

The first half will feature various Black Serpents and Black Armor, making shield characters ineffective for the team. Here is the list of enemies in the first half, according to the latest Genshin Impact leaks:

  • Knight of the Black Serpent: Severing Wind
  • Black Armor: Guardsman
  • Black Armor: Stormtrooper
  • Black Armor: Standard Bearer

In the second half of the 12th floor will be presented Lavachurl with frost shellwhere players may need pyro characters to quickly break his cryo shield and save time to deal damage.

Floor 12 Hall 3

The Sumeru Desert update introduced two new bosses to the game, and one of them, Dragon of Eternal Calamity (Aeonblight Drake), will be shown in the first half. The big boss of the flying automata has a variety of ground and air attacks that players will have to deal with. Due to his naturally high resistance to physical attacks, they are encouraged to use teams that rely on elemental damage.

The second half will feature Hermit: Windhunter (Eremite Galehunter) and Hermit: Eremite Stone Enchanter. Both are tanky opponents who can summon spirits when they are low on HP. They will enter an enhanced state when their health falls below 70%, where Windhunter will summon the Spirit of Omen: Windglade, and Stone Enchanter will summon the Spirit of Omen: Stone Dragon.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Twisted Abyss Enemy Lineup for Floor 11

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Floor 11 consists of tank enemies from Inazuma along with new enemies from Sumeru. Players will also have to fight a new boss Dendro Hypostasis in the last room of the 11th floor. Below is a brief overview of the enemy lineups:

Floor 11 Hall 1:

  • 1st half: ghosts (Hydro, Anemo, Cryo and Geo)
  • 2nd half: Eremites and Piro Fatui

Floor 11 Hall 2:

  • 1st half: Drake Ruins
  • 2nd half: Fatui Potioneers (Cryo, Pyro and Electro), Nobushi Jintuban and Hitsukeban, Mirror Maiden

Floor 11 Hall 3:

  • 1st half: Vishap of the Depths: Source
  • 2nd half: Dendro Hypostasis

Be sure to use the crowd control characters in the second half of the Floor to deal AoE damage to clear the hall within the stipulated time limit in Genshin Impact.

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