Walkthrough Her enemies rage like the waves of Genshin Impact

AT Genshin Impact Her enemies rage like the waves are a quest chain in Inazuma added with the game update to version 3.4. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Her enemies rage like waves.


How to start the quest Her enemies rage like waves


Walkthrough Her enemies rage like waves!

How to pass The sign came in the guise of a thief ..

It seems that unknown people stole Yuften’s goods. Need to get it back soon.

Go to where the caravan last spawned
Explore the place
Explore clues along the way
Explore clues along the way
Explore the hilichurl camp
Explore clues nearby
Defeat Desert Assassins
Talk to Paimon
Talk to Paimon
Tell Yuften about the results of your investigation
Return to Babel

A detailed walkthrough of the task will appear at the start of the event!

How to get through For her atrocities are innumerable …

Sometimes the best way to deal with evil machinations is brute force. A knot that cannot be untied can be cut.

Go to the place indicated in the documents of Fatui
Find Jeht
Follow the sound source
Infiltrate Fatui’s hideout
Find the wounded Jacht
Talk to Jeht
Calm Jeht
Talk to Jeht
Defeat the Assassins
Talk to Jeht
Meet Babel
Defeat Babel and her minions
Defeat the Tanith warriors
Catch up with Babel
Defeat Babel
Witness the defeat of Tanith
Leave after Jeht
Say goodbye to Jeht

How to pass Sharpen your arrows, prepare your shields…

Jeht hasn’t returned to the tribe yet. You just have to wait for Babel to find out …

Wait until the next day and ask Babel again
Talk to Babel
Go to the place indicated by Babel
Keep moving to the place indicated by Babel
Infiltrate Fatui Guard Camp
Defeat Fatui
Find Jacht or clues
Seek out the departed Fatui
Find out whose shadow is in the sandstorm
Defeat Fatui
Pursue Fatui’s Squad
Speak to Survivor Fatui
Attack Fatui’s camp
Defeat Fatui
Explore the camp
Explore other documents
Talk to Paimon

Quest rewards Her enemies rage like waves!

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