Walkthrough of the stages of the event Autumn Crisis Genshin Impact

Walkthrough of the stages of the event Autumn Crisis Genshin Impact

We tell you how to complete all the stages of the Autumn Crisis event in Genshin Impact in the About Ballads and Cups event.

Test available from September 29, 2022 and end October 17, 2022:

To start the game process, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. get adventure rank 21;
  2. complete the introductory quest News from afar.

The test around the boars consists of three stages:

  • Exile – from 29.09.2022
  • Capture – 1.10.2022
  • Eradication – 10/4/2022.

Let’s start in order:

Not far from Springvale, hunter Edmund, chasing wild boars, is arguing about something with a young man dressed as a student from Sumeru …

Autumn Crisis: Exile

Note: The main one is a white-maned boar or a snow boar. The species became extinct hundreds of years ago and is a legendary creature.

Help the residents cope with the invasion of wild boars. Drive the animals out of the indicated areas using only tools and normal attacks. Expelling certain types of boars gives a different number of points that affect the final score.

In the indicated zone, it is necessary to drive the boars away for 2 minutes. In total, there are 3 types of animals, for which a different number of points is given:

  • Forest boars – 50 points.
  • Forest boars – 100 points.
  • Snow boars – 300 points.

Periodically, notifications will begin to appear about the appearance of tools in the area. Pick them up to drive out the beasts faster. Here’s how to effectively exorcise boars:

  • Use Hunter’s Shield to deal more damage.

This item increases damage and makes the process of expelling animals much more effective. Especially, it is advisable to use it against large forest and snow boars. Approach the tool so that the character receives the corresponding bonus.

  • Wait for the Trap to appear and drive the boars into its area of ​​effect.

As soon as you see a notification that Kapkan is ready to use. Provoke the big boars to come closer to the trap to activate the nets. Use yourself as bait, but don’t forget to dodge.

  • Use normal attacks on hogs.

Small animals are quickly driven away with the help of ordinary blows. Until large specimens appear or devices are charged, accumulate points with their help.

As a reward for helping Travelers will be able to receive:

  • 500 points: 30 source stones, 40 holiday rush, 40,000 pestilence;
  • 1000 points: 30 Source Stones, 40 Holiday Rush, 40,000 Pestilence
  • 2000 points: 30 Source Stones, 40 Holiday Rush, 40,000 Pestilence.

Autumn Crisis: Farm Runaways

Speak to Walter near Dawn Distillery and he will task you with capturing animals such as white doves, scarlet foxes, wild boars, and so on. To do this, use a special tool – hunting net.

The animals in the test have alertness scale, which, when filled, makes it difficult to catch. Apply function “steal” and watch the filling of the scale so that it is at a low level.

Also throughout the area are baitthat can distract animals. To do this, interact with the tool or use the Hunting Net.

be careful when moving, as branches and fallen leaves are found on the ground. If you step on them, the noise will scare away the animals and their level of the scale will increase significantly.

Autumn Crisis: Eradication

Help Farabi, a researcher from Sumeru, collect data on snow boars and fight their king in a duel.

When he appears in the arena, he will immediately enter the state rage. Use only normal attacks and available gadgets: hunting net and Trapto bring the king out of this state.

Regular hits don’t do much damage to the boar. When the effect of rage disappears, it is better to use the network. Thus, he will receive a stun and increased damage.

More traps and shields – your success in defeating the Snow Boar King!

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