Walkthrough Second Bloom Day 1

My Name Is Violet is the first challenge of the Second Blossom event in Genshin Impact. See how to win this day, recommended characters and support skills, details of the first day stage of the second bloom and rewards here!

Guide for the 1st day of the event Second Bloom Genshin Impact

My name is Purple Best characters

1st day of the event Second bloom
First step Al-Haytham Dendro Electro Shield
Second phase Al-Haytham Nahida Electro Anemo
Third stage Electro Nahida Lisa Yao Yao

There will be heavier enemies in the first round, so bring a shield character to avoid massive damage.

You will need a character anemo in the second round to gather enemies and quickly defeat them.

Finally, bring two Electro characters and two Dendros to easily destroy Hydro’s enemies and destroy Void Mage’s shields.

Featured Characters

Best Second Blossoming Day 1 Support Skills

How to win in 1 day Second bloom My name is Purple

Bring shields to round 1

Genshin - Second Blooming Day 1 Round 1

Round 1 has huge enemies that can deal a lot of damage. For safety’s sake, take a shield character with you so you don’t lose any of your party members.

Crowd control character in round 2

Genshin - Second Blooming Day 1 Round 2

Round 2 includes some mushrooms surrounding you at the start. Use Electro on enemies and then use Anemo characters like Venty, Kazuha or Sucrose to collect all the enemies and keep them in one place.

Use the hyperbloom reaction in round 3

Genshin - Second Blooming Day 1 Round 3

Round 3 consists of enemies and shields infused with the Hydro Element. Just use the characters Electro and Dendro to easily defeat enemies using the Hyperbloom reaction.

My Name is Purple: Details

Weaving the arteries of the earth

The Second Blooming Ley Line Disorder
Place a special mark on a random enemy, causing the enemy’s Physical and all Elemental RES to be reduced by thirty%. After defeating this marked opponent, all party members will enter a valiant state: when the current active character hits an opponent, a shockwave will be released at that opponent’s position. This effect can only trigger once per 2With. Maximum four shockwaves can be released every time the team enters the Valiant state. Another random opponent will be marked after 10 seconds after the currently assigned opponent goes down.

My Name Is Purple: Trial Characters

Trial character Character building
Al-Haytham Gilded dreams 4.pcs. and steel sting
Nahida Memories of a dense forest 4.pcs. and the wandering star
Lisa Thunderous Roar of Fury x4 and Song of the Wanderer
Yao Yao Memories of a dense forest 4.pcs. and Spear of Favonius

The trial characters above can only be used at this level.

My name is Purple: Enemies

My Name Is Purple: Rewards

Goals Awards
Earn 2000 Points Help x80 Hero experience x3
Earn 4000 Points Mora x30000 Iron Forest Dew Talisman x5
Earn 8000 Points Pestilence x30000 Magic upgrade ore x5

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