Wanderer’s banner of Genshin Impact. Release date and time, 4★ characters


Here’s Genshin Impact’s Banner of the Wanderer, revealing details on 5’s release time and date character, as well as characters with a lower rating, which will receive a higher chance of dropping, that are adjacent to his banner.

Genshin Impact 3.3 will release on December 7th, introducing two new characters and several reruns. The upcoming update will also mark the final version of 2022, where HoYoverse plans to launch an endless card game mode called Sacred Call of the Seven (Genius Invocation TCG).

However, the main attraction will be Wanderer, which will become a powerful Anemo DD (DPS) with a unique set of talents and passives. Along with him, Faruzan will also be an Anemo character meant to act as a damage booster for the team. Everyone who is waiting for them will be pleased to know that these characters and Arataki Itto will be presented in the first phase 3.3.

In addition, the update will continue for 41 days, and Shogun Raiden and Kamisato Ayato scheduled for the second phase on December 28.

When does the Wanderer Banner in Genshin Impact start?

We are looking forward to December 7th, because on this day the Travelers will have a chance to draw this promising character. As server maintenance for Genshin Impact 3.3 begins 07.12.2022 01:00 (Moscow time) and will last for about 5 o’clock, we expect the Wanderer banner to launch around 6am. Below we have posted a countdown timer for the Wanderer’s banner release:

You can check out the detailed guide for the Wanderer by reading our build guide here: EXPLORE

What 4★ characters will be on the Wanderer banner in Genshin Impact

So far, only Faruzan is known to be the representative of the Wanderer’s banner. Information about two more characters on 4★ is currently being investigated. We’ll update this part of the post as soon as we know more.

Information about the Wanderer

Rarity: ★★★★★
Full name: Lost in eternity
Nicknames and titles: Scaramuccia, Narrator, Harbinger of Fatui #6, Kunikuzushi
Floor: Male
Model: Teenager
Element: Anemo
Weapon: Catalyst
Region: Inazuma
Fraction: Fatui
Birthday: TBD
Constellation: TBD
Preparing a dish: Shimi Chazuke
Ascension Bonus: Crete. Chance
How to get a: Prayer event character


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