Web Event Guide Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes

The Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes Browser Event is now live. Participate in the event to get the Source Stones and go on an adventure along the Rift together with the slimes!

By using energy to participate in a jumping adventure, they can earn Smack Coins based on their points. Travelers can then use the coins to redeem for store rewards. This article will show you how to complete quests and get high rewards by earning the maximum amount of Slap Coins.

Event Time Jumping Slimes Genshin Impact

07/04/2022 – 07/10/2022 18:59 (MSK)

* When the event ends, unclaimed rewards cannot be collected. Try to collect your rewards on time.

Terms of participation in the event

Players of Adventure Rank 10 and above can participate in the event.

How to Get Smack Coins and Max Primogems in the Jumping Slimes Web Event in Genshin Impact

First, Genshin Impact players should open the web event page by going to this link. Then be sure to sign in to the page using your HoYoverse account and check the name and UID listed in the top left corner of the page.

Once travelers click on the “Login” option, they will enter the learning phase. He will teach the players how to complete the stages in Jumping Slimes. The only movement they can make is to move forward using the space bar or the left mouse button. Be sure to build up energy to charge your jump and aim where the slime lands.

Web Event Guide Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes

Once the tutorial is over, players Genshin Impact can press the slime button on the left to gain stamina. This stamina is required to enter the levels of Jumping Slimes. Claim all Endurance by completing certain missions such as:

  1. Login to Genshin Impact daily
  2. Complete 2 daily quests per day
  3. Use 40 primordial resin per day
  4. Login to web event daily
  5. Visit the official Genshin Impact Facebook Page

Please note that these missions will be updated daily at 04:00 AM (server time). Stamina that has not been claimed will be updated and the stamina that was claimed will not be removed.

Web Event Guide Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes

Now that players have Stamina, they can use it to enter stages and complete them for slap coins. There are eight phases for this web event; some of them are time-limited with daily updates.

Remember that there is no limit to the slap coins that can be purchased daily and unused coins will not be removed. In other words, players can receive an event jack every time they complete a stage.

Web Event Guide Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes

Players must help the slime jump over the many rocks in each stage by holding the spacebar/left mouse button. Landing in the center of the rock will give them a Perfect Jump. A perfect jump will give gamers more points, resulting in more slap coins.

Web Event Guide Genshin Impact Jumping Slimes

Coins can be exchanged for rewards from the store. A total of 120 primogems can be obtained using this method. However, please note that the prizes are divided into several levels, and gamers need to get all the rewards from the current level before the next level is unlocked.

In addition to primogems, there are also hero experience, magic amplification ore and other rewards in the slap shop.

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