what are the 4 stars in the character banner

Genshin Impact version 3.1 is fast approaching Phase 2 with new character banners and weapons. Travelers who have been patiently waiting for Neela and Albedo will finally get a chance to draw their desired character in the next phase of the game.

In the upcoming Event Banner, Neela will be introduced as a new 5-star character along with Albedo, who will have a second replay in the game. The weapon banner will also enter a new phase, promoting a new powerful 5-star “Key of Hajj Nisut“.

Banner for Nilu and Albedo in Genshin Impact 3.1: 4 stars

Genshin Impact will present second phase version 3.1 October 14 at 18:00 (UTC+8). The upcoming event will represented by both Nilu (hydro) and Albedo (geo) as 5 star characters.

Based on the recent announcement, the developers have stated that Neeloo will be the representative of the hydro and sword unit and is a supporting character. Travelers can check article here for more information on her skill set. Meanwhile, Albedo is an old character in the game and this will be his second re-banner. His position is also a secondary character, which makes things even better with two Geo characters on the team.

The following are the featured 4-star characters along with Nilu and Albedo who will receive a massive drop rate boost:

  1. Xiang Ling (Pyro)
  2. bay doe (Electro)
  3. Barbara (Hydro)

Based on Neeloo’s talents, Barbara is the only compatible character in the next banner for the team Budding. However, this does not mean that the other favored units are useless.

Xiang Ling has always been a staple for any mixed team in Genshin Impact and will continue to be, while Bei Dou is a great cryo power pack on his team.

Weapon banner in Genshin Impact 3.1 Phase 2

The new weapon banner will also be updated at the same time as Nilu and Albedo’s banners. October 14 at 18:00 (UTC+8) and will last until November 1st.

As mentioned in the official tweet above, the next 5 star weapon will be Key of Hajj Nisut and Precious Pool. Both are sword types and players will want to think twice before choosing a weapon banner given that the Hajj-Nisut Key’s stats and passives have yet to be officially released.

The selected 4-star weapon set will also receive a huge fall speed boost, such as:

  1. Xyphos moonlight (Sword)
  2. Wandering Star (Catalyst)
  3. Raincutter (Claymore)
  4. Dragonstorm (Polearm)
  5. Ceremonial Bow (Bow)

From the list above,Xyphos moonlight and “wandering star” are completely new weapons that have not been officially announced. Travelers can use the “path of incarnationto chart a course for one of the 5-star weapons – Key of Hajj Nisut or Precious pool. Therefore, players are guaranteed to receive their chosen sword within 240 spins.

Genshin Impact players looking to get Neela or Albedo can start farming materials for the two characters as they are all already released in the game.

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