What is “Aba Mosi Dada” in Genshin Impact?

The Catch Me If You Can event is currently ongoing. We’ve come to the end [7-й день] developments. The players are busy hunting the Strange Hilichurl. But without knowing the meaning of Aba Mosi Dada, you will not be able to know the time of its appearance.

In this article, we will share the meaning of the word Aba Mosi Dada.

What does Aba Mosi Dada mean?

Aba mosi dada is a Hilihurli language sentence used by the Hilichurls in Genshin Impact.

According to handbookgifted by Ella Musk Aba mosi dada “From morning to afternoon.”

After the players complete quest “Mutual benefit» and “Justice of Hilichurla”the location of the strange Hilichurla and the time of “Aba mosi dada” will become known.

Go to the Kuijue slope, open the Paimon menu and set the time between 06:00 and 12:00.

How to check Aba mosi dada value in Genshin Impact?

As we mentioned earlier, the handbook given by Ella Musk contains the meaning of most of the phrases associated with the events of the Hilichurl languages. Players can open it by going to the events tab, selecting the “Catch Me If You Can” event and clicking “Go to handbook ».

That’s it if you have any questions related to the event or Genshin Impact in general. Ask us a question in the comments below.

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