What the Stars of This World Say – Mona’s Legends Crimson Dawn Quest

Walkthrough “What the stars of this world say” in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the quest, cook the Golden Crab, and open the magic-sealed door in Mondstadt.

Character information.

Story quest Crimson Dawn (Astrolabos)

What they say
the stars of this world
What the Stars of the World Say - Mona's Legends Crimson Dawn Quest
Chapter 2
Genshin - Act 3
Chapter 3


“What the stars of this world say” – Basic Information

Changes in version 2.8

Cree from the game

Mona’s story quest will become a requirement to unlock Archipelago of the Golden Apple and Events Summer! Dreams? Music!. Throughout version 2.8, Mona’s story quest will be adjusted so that it is available on 32 adventure rank.

Mona’s Legends Quest Details

What the Stars of the World Say - Mona's Legends Crimson Dawn Quest Legend Quest:
What do the stars of this world say
Adventure Rank 38 (changed to 32 in 2.8)
Quest giving character Mona
Volume Crimson Dawn. Chapter I
Number of quests four

How to start “What the stars of this world say”

To unlock Legend Quests, you need to earn World Reputation. You can improve your reputation by:

  • screenshot from the game

  • Completing the required antecedents
  • Reaching the required Adventure Rank
  • Using the Key of Legends to unlock the quest

How to get Legend Keys

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 26, for every 8 daily quests completed, the player will receive a Key of Legends. A player can have no more than 3 keys at a time.

Walkthrough “What the stars of this world say” and rewards

Astrology and agreement for 50 years

  • Leave Li Yue

At the exit from the mountain, you can also use the teleport point (northern part of the city). To meet Mona.

Accompany Mona to say goodbye to Mr. Zhu

According to Mona, there is a hotel near Mr. Tianheng. It can be found northwest of the nearby Statue of the Seven Archons.

What the Stars of the World Say - Mona's Legends Crimson Dawn Quest

Approach Mr. Zhu and talk to him to trigger a small cutscene involving Mona. Apparently some slimes stole the innkeeper’s jade ring. You will have to return it instead of your new acquaintance.

Attract slimes and recover Mr. Zhu’s lost ring

You have to use the same bait that you used in Dilyuk’s story to attract the slimes. Head southeast outside the hotel grounds and take a couple of steps down the dirt road. There you will find a spark. Interact with her to place the desired item.

Soon you will be attacked by several slimes. Among them will be opponents of both ordinary and large sizes, with a variety of elements, from Hydro to Electro. However, we are still talking about slugs, so you are unlikely to have difficulties with their destruction.

Return the ring to Mr. Zhu

Return to the inn and speak to Mr. Zhu again to trigger the next scene with Mona. The girl will get hungry, so we decide to go with her to the Vanshu inn to eat.

To Mondstadt

  • Visit the Wanschu Inn on your way to Mondstadt

Teleport to the desired location, and then go to the rest area near the base of the tree (tavern) to find Mona, who will already be sitting at one of the tables.

  • Accept the invitation and sit down at the table
  • Talk to Mona and enjoy delicious food
  • Find the innkeeper and use the kitchen to prepare meals for Mona

The owner is located on the top floor of the inn, he can move and not be at one point. Therefore, check if you have a quest tracked in order to quickly find it.

What the Stars of the World Say - Mona's Legends Crimson Dawn Quest

Having received permission from the owner for cooking and the recipe, we immediately go to the kitchen.

  • Prepare Golden Crab

To prepare the dish we need: egg 5 pcs., flour 5 pcs., crabs 4 pcs. and salt 2 pcs.. You can not run and collect all the ingredients, but buy from the chef of the “People’s Choice” restaurant named Mao and the owner of the store “Second Life” by name dong sheng.

What the Stars of the World Say - Mona's Legends Crimson Dawn Quest
  • Treat Mona to a golden crab
  • Continue on your way, head towards the Stone Gate

Time to continue our journey to Mondstadt. Travel to the fast travel point in the north at the Stone Gate (the very first waypoint you activated in Li Yue) and head north along the path to trigger a small cutscene when you get close to the spark. Several merchants will want to give us a lift to the city, but Mona will immediately understand that there are bandits in front of you. As a result, a battle will begin. In it, you can take control of Mona. Deal with all enemies using the elemental skills of Hydro Sorceress. You shouldn’t have any problems with these thugs. Then watch the new cutscene to complete the challenge.

  • Talk to Mona while she is resting
  • Deal with bandits
  • Talk to Mona

Quest “Stunning Fate”

At the end of the quests, you only have to run from point to point and communicate with either Mona, or Kli, or Katerina or someone else. These conversations do not carry any semantic load, just enjoy the fascinating story.


Adventure Experience x 1675
Mora x 100350
Hero XP x 12
Arcane Enhancement Ore x 22
Source Stone x 60
“Struggle” Teachings x 5

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