When Kazuha reran in 2023 in Genshin Impact

Many travelers are wondering when Kazuha’s reran in Genshin Impact will be in 2023. We answer the question based on the analytical data we have collected on PortalBirtualReality!

The Genshin Impact is huge and constantly growing list of characters. Many travelers are confused about when they can get the characters they missed and want to have on their team. One of these incredible characters in the game is Kazuha, who regularly gets into the best teams and all kinds of tops.

To answer the question of when Kazuha will rerun in 2023, let’s turn to the statistical information so that we can predict the appearance of the re-banner of the popular anemo swordsman.

When was Kazuha’s last rerun in Genshin Impact

In the past, Kazuha’s banner had the following dates:

Release time Version Time
First release 1.6 July, 2021
First repeat 2.8 July, 2022

After exploring the Rift, travelers attended an event “Summer! Dreams? Music!”. It was during this event that Kazuha saw his second coming.

When Kazuha reran 2023

In 2023, Kazuha may return in July following the established trend as seen in the table above. Again, there is one but! Since many new 5-star characters are scheduled to release over the summer, Kazuha’s replay time may be pushed back slightly, which could be around May or June 2023 (around v3.6).

If you want to get Kazuha, it’s best to save the primogems until the summer of 2023!.

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