When Venty reran in 2023 at Genshin Impact

Venti is the first five-star character that travelers meet in the game. He is quite a humorous and friendly bard. Many travelers look forward to the re-display of the Venti banner in Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact is huge and constantly growing list of characters. Many travelers are confused about when they can get the characters they missed and want to have on their team. One of these incredible characters in the game is Venti, who is, above all, an anemo Archon.

To answer the question of when Venti’s next rerun will be in 2023, let’s turn to statistical information so that we can predict the appearance of a re-banner of a popular anemo character.

When was Venty’s last rerun in Genshin Impact

Analysis of Venti relaunch banners

Period Version Time
First release 1.0 October 2020
First repeat 1.4 April 2021
Second repeat 2.6 April 2022
Third repeat 3.1 October 2022

Venti banner in 2023

Since then, Venti’s banners have been shown four times. Basically, the replay time for old characters is about 6-12 months. Thus, Venti may repeat in April or September 2023.

Next, we add to the equation new Dendro characters that are scheduled for Spring, such as Bai Zhu.

This frees April from Venti and now our eyes are fixed on September 2023. However, according to past events, Venti always has some sort of relationship with travelers in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Usually, if Venty doesn’t come in the spring, he should come in the summer or early fall. Thus, as of today, we can expect Venti in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

If you like Venty, save some primogems for him. We wish you good luck!

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